Magnetic Block

Introduction of Magnetic Block

Magnetic block is a kind of industrial instruments used to be an extending carrier of a machine tool.

Although it is called magnetic block, the block itself does not contain magnet. It is just a big block made of metals with permeability, usually iron, steel, nickel, or diamond, using to conduct magnetic power.

What Does Magnetic Block Do?

Since magnetic block contains strong ability of conducting magnetic, it can help to grab things tightly in order to stabilize the elements that are being crafted.

Because of this feature, magnetic block can be an extending carrier of a machine tool. When applying magnetic blocks, users often put them with the order in magnetic plate on machine tools as the base, magnetic block in the middle, then topped with hardware parts that are ready to be crafted. Then, the electricity will pass through the magnetic plate and send into the magnetic block, make the block a powerful electromagnet.

In this way, the magnetic block has been enabled to grab the metal hardware tightly. With this ability, the magnetic block can help to stabilize the element, directly or indirectly reduce the defective rate. By the reduction of defective rate, products from the factory would more easily to be considered producing with good quality.

Working Principle of Magnetic Block

Magnetic block itself does not contain magnet but with permeability.

As we know, magnetism can be produced by electricity, and metals with permeability can get magnetism through electricity.

When working with the magnetic block, people would put it on a magnetic plate, then switch on the electricity to pass through the block.

Through this process, the non-magnet block will become a magnetic block and have the ability to stabilize the hardware elements.

By using this magnetic block, artisans can craft metals with different shapes on machine tools. Thus, they would get the ability to finish their works better by the elements with increased quality.

Types of Magnetic Block

Dividing according to shapes, magnetic block can be divided into:

● Rectangle
● Round Plate (with or without a hole)
● M shape
● V shape

In general, magnetic blocks are designed in the shape of rectangle. They are basically the extra plate that extend the magnetic part of a machine tool. This kind of magnetic blocks can hold materials with flat tightly unless the electricity is cut.

However, when it comes to the situation that they should be used to grab the material in round or other shape without flats or hard to hold stably, magnetic blocks with M shape or V shape would be batter solutions.

Moreover, when the materials that are ready to be craft is round, using a round plated magnetic block with a hole will be suggested that they can more easily grab the materials tightly with stability.

Beside the dividing method above, magnetic blocks can also be dividing according to working method, it can be divided into:

● With disconnection switch
This kind of magnetic blocks can “reject” electricity. Different from the common one just looks like a block, this kind of magnetic block looks like a bottle with faucet.

Inside the block, the designers put in a metal plate to cut down the electricity. The element of this plate are usually metals with very weak permeability, or without any permeability, usually brass.

Outside the block, there is a switch to control the place of insulator to cut down the power and magnetism.

When the switch is on, the electricity would be sent into the block and make it an electromagnet to hold elements stably.

On the other hand, when the switch is off, the electricity will be cut down and the magnetic block will not be magnetized.

● Without disconnection switch
Magnetic blocks without disconnection switch can be seen as a extend working plate on the machine tool.

This kind of magnetic blocks do not have the ability to cut magnetism. It will always be magnetic until the electricity be shouted down by someone.

Also, it can be divided according to features:

● Permanent magnet chuck magnetic block
● Magnetic chuck magnetic block

Application of Magnetic Blocks

Application of magnetic blocks are mostly happened in factories.

As we talk above, magnetic blocks are usually used on machine tools as extra working plates.

Besides, with their powerful magnetism, it can also help to move heavy things.

In the factories, it is unavoidable to more heavy things from one place to the other. Sometimes it would be hard even using forklifts when the cargo is really heavy. Since the forklifts do not load many, the drivers should go and back for times to move cargos. Moreover, it could be possible to break the forklift and make unnecessary extra cost.

Therefore, with electromagnet that made of the principle of magnetic blocks, the magnetism will provide enough strength that is powerful enough to load in large quantity.

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