Tool Tightening Fixture

Introduction of Tool Tightening Fixture

As its name shows, the tool tightening fixture is a device to hold a tool stable on the working table or platform. It is usually used to help holding cutting tools, such as end mills, drills, taps, reamers, center drills, hand tools, etc.

This device is designed as a fixed holder that can be screwed on the surface of the working area where the machining progress would need the holder’s help, such as working tables or platforms.

With the assist of the tool tightening fixture, the operator can do the work more smoothly without worrying that they do not have enough strength to hold the necessary tools stably in a while.

The tool tightening fixtures could also be installed on CNC machine tools for the purpose of holding the cutting tools like mills or drills. Therefore, they can also be called as CNC tool holder tightening fixtures.

The CNC tool holder tightening fixtures are designed with a powerful and strong clamp with nuts. When it works, the holder would clamp the handle of millers or drills with huge power. Thus, during the machining progression, the cutting tools would be stably held and do their tasks well smoothly.

Types of Tool Tightening Fixture

Same as all devices, tool tightening fixtures have many models according to different designs of the manufacturers. It would be difficult to list all the models of the tool tightening fixtures one by one.

Although they are designed with variations, in common situations, the tool tightening fixtures can be divided into vertical styles and horizontal styles.
Vertical Style
The tool tightening fixtures in this design can hold the cutting tools straightly. They are usually designed as a cube which can provide stability and enough strength to set the cutting tools.

Horizontal Style
The tool tightening fixtures in this design are used to hold the cutting tools horizontally. Tool tightening fixtures of this kind would be designed with a round clamp that can hold the cutting tools tightly.

Usually, no matter what styles the tool tightening fixture is made of, the material to consist of this device would be hard metals that contain well weight loading ability and long lifespan, mainly aluminum or stainless steel.

They would sometimes work with a powerful fastener called clamping nut which can help to stabilize the threads to stabilize the tool tightening fixtures themselves and the cutting tools they hold.

Features of Tool Tightening Fixtures

Tool tightening fixture is a simple device but can be a big help if applying.

Below are the features that values this unique device:
Excellent Weight Loading
The main purpose of using tool tightening fixtures is to stabilize the cutting tools for the smooth working experiences. As a result, all types of the tool tightening fixtures contain excellent weight loading ability. Although it is not designed for heavy duty works, the weight loading ability for stabilizing the cutting tools with light and medium loadings is good enough.

Tool tightening fixture is a movable device that can be installed in wherever the users want. They are usually designed to be fixed on the working area by screws, also can be strengthened by clamping nuts if necessary, which makes them stable enough to stand on the table or platform and do their tasks.

Notifications of Using Tool Tightening Fixture

There are some tips that should be notices when using the tool tightening fixtures, we would take the CNC tool holder tightening fixtures as the example:
Tighten the Clamping Nut
When installing the tool holder tightening fixtures, remember to screw the clamping nut on the joining point, such as the handle of the tools, linking rods, or the main shaft, then the cutting tools would be held tight by the power of the clamp and the nuts.

Moreover, the clamp holder and the clamping nuts should be in a required specific angle so that it would work the task which clamping nuts should do perfectly.

Do Not Use Torque Wrenches to Tighten the Holder
Torque wrenches are not suggested to be used for screwing the clamping nuts on the tool holder tightening fixtures because they contain huge torque that might add too much strength and hurt the tools.

Not for Heavy Duty Using
The CNC tool holder tightening fixtures, or the regular tool holder tightening fixtures, are not designed for heavy duty tools. They are only used for holding cutting tools with light or medium loads.

Cleaning the Joining Surface
Before installing the CNC tool holder tightening fixture and the cutting tool it is required to hold, be sure that the contact point or joining surface, such as the threads of the clamping nuts or the surface of the cutting tool handle, is clean. It can help to prevent dust attaching which would influence the working results.

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