Portable Fume Extractor

What is a portable fume extractor?

A portable fume extractor, also known as a portable fume collector, is a device that assists for collecting the fume that is polluted from the working sites of welding, and keeping the working environment clean and safe for the machines as well as the operators.

Since it is named the portable fume extractor, there is the conventional and standard type of its counterpart, which makes the two different from the sizes and weights they take up the work places.

The conventional fume extractors are usually stationary, which is only allowed for working on a specific site where it is mounted. In contrast, the portable fume extractors is added with more flexibility, since they are usually movable, which means they can be transferred from one site to another when it is necessary.

Furthermore, the more flexible the portable fume extractor is doesn’t mean the less efficient the performance of this type of fume extractor. With a portable fume extractor, more welding sites in one workshop or factory are available for receiving the assistance of this device, which enhances the practicality of it even more.

Adopting a fume extractor is important for the working environments, especially where there would be fume or smoke that is polluted during the processes, such as welding. When the operators are performing the welding work, although the safety equipments are the necessity, the fume or smoke, which is fine enough to be fused with the air, those equipments still cannot effectively block the way of these particulates.

As the operators breathe in these particulates from their nose or mouth into the respiratory system or more inside, or come in contact with these particulates on the skin, it may result in the cause of diseases, from mild to serious. Therefore, a device that is specialized in handling these hazards that bring harms to the working environments is definitely a must.

How does a portable fume extractor form?

A portable fume extractor is comprised of the extractor base, a power cord, the extraction hoses or adjustable arms, the filters, and the built-in wheels.

● Extractor base
The extractor base is the main component of this device, which means the extraction work is done inside this base. It is connected to the extraction hoses as the inlets, and contains a part like a fan that is able to suck the welding fume inside the base, and several layers of filters that are in charge of blocking and collecting the particulates.

● Power cord
Since the fume extractor is electrically driven, it is equipped with a long power cord that allows for more flexibility considering the available extraction areas.

● Extraction hoses/ adjustable arms
Depending on the design of different models, the portable fume extractor may be equipped with one or two extraction hoses, which are capable of being extended to where the extraction is needed, or the adjustable arms, which are fixed on top of the extractor base, and can be adjusted for the angles, in order to accommodate the direction of the fume flow.

● Filters
The portable fume extractor, as the conventional type, often contains four layers of filters. From the top to the bottom, the filters collect the particulates from the larger to the finer, which means the first filter that the particulates would travel to is the top layer, and the last filter is the at the bottom layer.

● Built-in wheels
In order to enhance the portability of the fume extractor, this type of fume extractor has the built-in wheels, which ease the operators for transferring it to different working sites as is required.

How does a portable fume extractor work?

The working principle of a portable extractor is no big different with the conventional type, which mainly relies on the filters. 

When the welding work is in operation, the operators set the extraction hoses or the adjustable arms in place. 

As the fume is polluted, the hoses or the arms suck the fume inside the extractor base, and then the fume would travel from the top layer of the filters to the bottom. 

During this process, the filters block and capture the particulates from the larger pieces to the finer ones. 

After the dirty air is filtrated, the clean air would be delivered back to the atmosphere, and an extraction cycle is completed.

What features should a portable fume extractor have?

Most of the portable fume extractors are equipped with built-in wheels that are allowed for being transferred to the required working sites, which is what makes the portability and flexibility of this device.

 Lighter in weight
Since this device is able to be moved, it should be designed lighter than the conventional fume extractor.

● Keeps the great performance
Although the construction of the portable fume extractor would be slightly different from that of the conventional type, it should still keep the great performance as its counterpart, in order to remain the practicality among all the fume extractors.

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