Smoke Absorber

What is a Smoke Absorber

The generated smoke from soldering and brazing can be an annoyance, and breathing them in can even be harmful to your health. The problem is that we more often than not believe fans alone are enough to ventilate the room, but that is not true. Fans only circulate the smokes but not remove them.

Thankfully, we have the smoke absorber as our solution to this problem. A smoke absorber is a device that uses an integrated fume extraction fan and carbon filter to filter the interior air in order to keep the environment clean. It is capable of removing combustion products, bacterial fumes, foul steam and odor, heat, and grease. 

Why Should Smoke Absorber be Used

The fume and smoke created while soldering or brazing is very hazardous to health when you breathe them in constantly. So, a smoke absorber is a must-have for any industrial or mechanical work to keep the smoke level down to the largest extent. Here are some of the reasons why a smoke absorber is useful:

1. Remove Harmful Smoke and Fume: When being exposed to harmful fumes and smokes created by mechanical equipment for a long time, you will always be at the risk of damaging your respiratory system. A smoke absorber does a good job directing those harmful fumes away from your face so that you are not constantly breathing them in. On a side note, many believe that you are also breathing in lead from the fumes created during leaded soldering operation, but that is not the case as lead exposure only happens through touch. 

2. Facilitate Ventilation Indoor: Smoke absorbers are mandatory for ventilating indoor air, especially in confined space with limited space and windows. In other words, having a working ventilation system is vital to keep your employees healthy, which is why a smoke absorber is needed. Keep in mind that where you place the smoke absorber is important as well. Smoke absorbers with built-in ventilation systems are especially useful for smaller work space as it can effectively purify the air.

3. Remove Harmful Contagions in Air: Not only do smoke absorbers remove harmful fumes and smoke in the air, they are also capable of trapping small particles in the air inside a workshop. During soldering, the produced particles are often referred to as “dross”, which are fine particles of solder that can be very harmful to your body if inhaled in. With a smoke absorber, formed particles of any kind will be removed during the work day, ensuring a safe environment for employees to work in.

4. Multiple Filtration Options: There are various filtration options available for smoke absorbers, which include an active carbon filter, a pre-filter or HEPA filter. The carbon filters are often the most effective option because of its superiority in effectively trapping the particles. Active carbon filters are the safest form of filtration system because they are able to absorb harmful smoke, fumes and odors. 

5. Rule and Regulations: Depending on your location, there should be regulations in place pertaining to welding fumes, soldering fumes and so on to protect workers from being harmed by harmful fumes. A smoke absorber follows NIOSH, OSHA, and COSSH, and is regulated under certain rules to prevent harmful chemical fumes from endangering the workplace. 

Despite the great many benefits, such as the capability to remove chemical particles, bad odor left after soldering, chemical fumes and gases, as well as to reduce the chance of respiratory problem, smoke absorbers do have some disadvantages:

Price: Smoke absorbers can be very expensive, ranging from $50 to $500. But with the safety of the environment being the primary concern, you should always question the functionality and longevity of a cheaper option. 

Maintenance: Smoke absorbers are one of the kinds that require constant and proper maintenance and cleaning. If not done properly, the filter will not work, which in turn affects the filtration capability of the machine. And if the filter is not replaced at the right time, it will not be able to yield maximum performance.

Efficiency: Smoke absorbers are not known for the best efficiency when being used in an exceptionally large space. If you are required to absorb fumes in a fairly large room, you may need to look for a specific model of smoke absorber that is suited for it, though you may be required to pay a little more.

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