Hollow Shaft Reducer

The hollow shaft reducer is ideal for industrial configurations requiring high torque within tight space limits, such as most commonly conveyor and hoist systems. When space is limited, it may be tempting to choose a smaller drive that does not meet the overload application requirements. However, installing the wrong hollow shaft reducer size can lead to frequent failures, increased replacement costs, and damage to other machine components.

Shaft mounted reducers solve this dilemma by offering strong torque in a compact design. Due to the possibility of mounting directly on the driven shaft, this drive eliminates the need for elements increasing the mass of the assembly, such as the support structures required for traditional foot-mounted units. In this way, the shaft-mounted reducer can be pushed into a small space without sacrificing the service factor.

In extreme cases, replacing a small device with a higher shaft-mounted reducer can provide enormous reduction and lower operating costs over its entire lifetime. In addition, shaft-mounted reducers minimize alignment problems and operate with high efficiency.

Today's concentric shaft reducer designs have changed the playing field for high torque drive configurations. These more efficient and powerful than ever before, robust gearboxes are quickly becoming the preferred heavy lifters for various industrial applications.

Another type, concentric shaft reducers offer more power per dollar than other high-torque drives, making them an economic contender for the most demanding factory tasks. Advantages include:

Low initial cost. A coaxial drive can cost up to 30 percent less than other comparable high-torque drives.

Highest Availability. Like the gearmotor, the concentric shaft reducer is a widely available stock item, which means it can be shipped and shipped quickly.

Easy exchange. Because spare parts are easily available, you can perform quick repairs with minimal downtime.

In industrial applications with high torque, it is difficult to overcome a parallel shaft reducer. Its flexible design and compact, dense power make it the foundation in conveyor systems, crushers, mixers and other components in the mining, cement, wood, textile and rubber industries. When low speed and high torque are needed, the parallel shaft reducer is the workhorse.

Parallel shaft reducers, named after their parallel input and output shafts - usually have a helical or double worm gear design. Because they are designed with performance in mind, these gearboxes offer the added benefit of quick, easy maintenance and repair. Because:

Oversized inspection cover. The parallel shaft reducers are horizontally divided and have a large inspection cover that provides easy access for routine maintenance and inspection.

On site repair. The horizontal division also allows technicians to repair the unit in place, without having to drain the grease or remove any components.

Outer cover assembly. This reducer also has an outer cover assembly that stops dirt from entering the drive.

The efficient design of the parallel shaft reducer allows for quick and inexpensive repairs, reducing downtime and reducing maintenance costs throughout the lifetime of the device.

The hollow shaft gearbox enables direct drive of the machine shaft by means of a clamping set. They are tested and very precise helical gears that facilitate the transmission of torque and speed at right angles.

The machine shaft is inserted directly into the hollow shaft of the gearbox and connected to the mounting kit. This is a very easy way to get a force-matched connection. All without additional help such as an intermediate flange or clutch. This type of gearbox can be bolted directly to the machine via through holes in the output flange.

Alternatively, an angular gearbox can be selected as a double-sided hollow shaft. This allows lines that are already coming out of the machine shaft to be routed through the gearbox. In this way, you can increase your flexibility and take advantage of the versatility of the gear servo thanks to the hollow shaft reducer offered by the machine design. Even higher gear ratios can be achieved thanks to the combination of planetary gearbox and angular gearbox with a hollow shaft.

Due to the perpendicular design, it also optimizes the use of limited installation space due to the space-saving drive component. For even greater flexibility, they are supplied with lifetime lubrication, and their design allows them to be installed and used in any mounting position. This gives you complete freedom in setting up the drive and designing the installation space.

The input flange is individually adapted to the engine. The compact unit and servo motor increase your flexibility.

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