Twin Drive

Only a few manufacturers in the world can provide twin drive planetary reducers with extremely high accuracy. These high-precision planetary gearboxes are specifically designed for racks on linear shafts and ring gears on rotating shafts for machine tools and automation equipment.

What is a special reducer for twin drive rack and pinion?

The gear and rack-specific speed reducer uses pinion gear as output, which can be positioned in the micrometer range after optimization, and can move large loads and provide smooth movement for process operations (ie, processing parts, carbon fiber placement, robot shafts, etc.). The parameters that the reducer design must meet to achieve this performance.

Range Output Pinion Design

Very high compound stiffness
The transmission error is minimum, which can achieve smooth operation and low noise during high-speed operation. The small footprint makes it easy to integrate into the machine design and achieve high efficiency.

Lowest to zero backlash
This type of gear and rack-specific reducer achieves all these goals through a unique design. The most important parameter in rack and pinion transmission is stiffness, to provide excellent position repeatability at high accelerations, and to avoid resonance frequencies that make servo control difficult. Therefore, we have optimized the output stiffness by integrating the output pinion with the patented technology on the output shaft to minimize the deflection of all planes (radial, torsional and axial).

Compound stiffness minimizes linear deflection
The pitch diameter of the pinion is small and is ideally suited to the torsional stiffness of the planetary gear, thus providing high torsional stiffness. Large preloaded tapered roller bearings pass over the pinion and ensure radial and axial rigidity of the system. This compound rigidity minimizes the linear deflection of the propulsion system. The small pinion has several additional advantages:

● The output torque is minimized, enabling smaller servo motors.

The resonance frequency, which is defined as the square root of stiffness / inertia, is increased because it is a function of the square of the pinion pitch diameter.

● Installation is simplified thanks to the available pinion.
● As mentioned earlier, the planetary gear provides high torsional rigidity. But it also offers additional benefits:
● High torque density due to load sharing between planetary wheels. This translates into a small area.
● High efficiency> 92%

Minimal transmission error from many years of experience in hardening and grinding planetary gear.

About loose

The clearance is measured on the output gear and is defined as the angle arctan d / R, where d is the amount of free movement within a radius of R.

The standard clearance of the reducer is 3 arc minutes (3/60 °). On request, reducers can be supplied with 1 minute arc. This number should be combined with the clearance of the rack and pinion, which is usually 8-10 minutes of arc. In some applications this clearance level is acceptable, but many cases require ZERO so that the control can accurately predict the position of the axis in microns. One offers two solutions that completely eliminate backlash from the motor to the driven rack:

The ratio of front-wheel drive with orthogonal variable ratio is proposed as a new type of front-wheel drive with variable ratio between intersecting axes based on testing a non-round bevel gear. The drive consists of a non-cylindrical gear and a front-wheel gear. When the axis of rotation of the drive wheel and the driven wheel are orthogonal, the gear tooth will be distributed on the cylindrical surface. Contains the characteristics of non-wheels, non-wheels and end wheels. This gear drive can be used to transfer motion and movement between intersecting axes, which has potential application perspectives, it can be applied to engineering machines, agricultural machines, textile machines, cars and so on. 

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