Flange Planetary Gearbox

A flange planetary gearbox is characterized by an extremely compact flange interface. The geometry of the output side of the advanced flange gearbox is based on the most common industrial robots and other automation applications. The size has the advantage that other standard-compliant drive components (such as flange pinions or couplings) can also be connected quickly and easily without major adjustments. The mechanical relation can be achieved easily and simply between the gearbox and your unit and is set by the positioning pinhole on the output flange. The flange planetary gearbox's function and form are similar to those of the output shaft one, except the shape, are more compact. This is because their flange shaft geometry is very small in comparison to cylindrical output shafts.

What is a flange bearing?

The flange bearings are units found in the housing assembly. A rigid and firm location is established by the bearing housing, thus allowing the bearing assembly to rotate in a clean, enclosed setting. The bearing seat is bolted to the foundation so that when the inner ring rotates, the outer ring of the bearing stays stationary. Seated bearings in light applications are most widely used.

Main features

In several distinct industries and applications, flange planetary gearboxes are used today. They deliver two purposes that the market seeks: reduction and torque. Modern models provide versatility in construction, with several choices in terms of dimension, ratio, and materials. In general, as speed reducers, planetary gears are used. Flange planetary gearboxes are used to slow the engine down and boost the torque. The torque is the machine's operating force. But we have shown that it is also possible to use modern flange planetary gearboxes as a speed increaser.

What Industries Use Flange Planetary Gears?

When space and weight are an issue, flange planetary gearboxes are usually used but require a lot of deceleration and torque. This requirement applies to various industries, including tractors and construction equipment, which require large amounts of torque to drive wheels. Elsewhere, you will find them used in for turbine engines, automatic transmissions, and even electric screwdrivers.

When many flange planetary gearboxes share the load they will generate a lot of torque. Compared with the traditional parallel axis gear system, this arrangement also produces more contact surfaces and a wider contact area between the gears. In this way, the load will be more evenly distributed, so the gear is more resistant to damage.

In many fields, the variety and reliability of these devices allow them to be used in many applications. Motorized wheels, winches, automatic door openers, conveyors, surgical applications, fluid transport, machinery, tools, and robotics are some of our sole applications. In several different industries, they are commonly used, such as, but not limited to:

● Aerospace
● Aircraft
● Conveyors
● Drilling
● Medical Applications
● Robotics

Advantages of Flange Planetary Gearboxes

One of the main advantages of the flange output shaft on the flange planetary gearbox is its large diameter, which can achieve higher torsional rigidity. These gearboxes are particularly suitable for applications where the direction of motion is constantly changing. In combination with pulleys, you can use our flange gearboxes with many different types of belts for drive systems.

This right-angle gearbox takes up to 30 percent less room than comparable right-angle gearboxes, depending on the frame size. There are lifetime lubrication and minimal mounting height in the gearbox, which can be flexibly mounted in either direction to better maximize narrow spaces. The modular flange interface allows drive parts such as belt pulleys, belt drives, rack and pinion systems, linear units, and rotary tables to be quickly assembled. In comparison, there is a greater flange output shaft diameter in the gearbox, which can have five times the torsional stiffness of the output shaft with feather buttons. Flange planetary gearboxes often share similar loads, resulting in a single decrease of 98 percent efficiency with limited heat loss and noise. Efficiency is minimally impaired, functioning at over 92 percent, at double and triple stage reduction.

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