Helical Bevel Gearbox

What is a helical bevel gearbox?

A helical bevel gearbox, also known as a spiral bevel gearbox, is one type of gearboxes that has two gears intersect with each other, and the teeth of the gears are designed as helical forms, which allows for smooth and quiet operation.

A gearbox is a device that can be usually seen on the machines or other mechanically driven devices. It contains several gears and those gears are secured with a housing, which makes it be recognized as a box.

On those machines or mechanically driven devices such as cars, the gearbox plays an important role, since it is capable of regulate the torque and speed of the motor, which further cause the moving device like the spindle of a machining center, and the wheels on the cars, to be controlled to move faster and slower at the same time.

For the purpose of facilitating the smooth and safe operation of the machines or other movable devices, the gearbox is indispensable. With a gearbox, it can ensure the best performance without less circumstances of malfunctioning, and prevent serious dangers from happening. For example, a car accident that is caused when a car drives too fast without control.

To effectively transmit the power through the gearbox to the applied components of the devices, a bevel gearbox would be required, as it is able to provide a series of transmission from one gear to another without suspension during the process as other forms that the gears do not intersect.

In addition, the spiral teeth of the helical bevel gearbox allows the gears inside to compatible with each other from the teeth pitches, which reduces the noise that may be made when the transmission route does not as fit as the spiral teeth. Thus, it makes the operating of the gearbox smoother in order to provide the best performance for its application.

How does a helical bevel gearbox form?

A helical bevel gearbox is simply comprised of several gear with spiral teeth. To look into the details of the gearbox, they can be described by the arrangement of the gears and the configuration of the teeth.

● gears arrangement
Since this type is a helical bevel gearbox, two gears would form an intersection that is presented as 90 degree of angle. Unlike the traditional gearboxes that are usually arranged as a long line of gears, the right angle arrangement in the helical bevel gearbox makes this device more compact and fit for devices with limited spaces. 

● teeth configuration
As the name implies, the teeth on this type of gearbox are spiral or helical, and each gears are attached to each other with the teeth pitches, which are the intervals in between each tooth. 

This not only makes the moving of the gears smoother, but also allows for the lubricant to be fed through the teeth pitches, which prolong the lifespan of this devices as well as the applications that it is adopted for.

What are the advantages of using a helical bevel gearbox?

● compatible with high-speed or high-torque operations
As the smooth intersection from one gear to another, the transmission route would not meet any blockage or have the possibility of shutting off automatically. 

Therefore, it is capable of being compatible with high-speed or high-torque operations, as without the obstacles, which may be occurred if the gears doesn’t intersect as the bevel gearbox, the gearbox can turn smoothly.

● stabilized tooth-to-tooth configuration
Because the teeth on each gear can be perfectly fit into one another, it stabilizes the structure of the assembly, which prevents the gears from slipping off when the gearbox is in operation.

Besides, the more stable the structure of the gearbox, the less the noise that would be made when one gear interacts with another. In other words, the stabilization of the teeth configuration not only prevents the gears from slippage, but also ensures the quiet operation of this device.

● reduced times of replacement and repairs
Since less blockage is made, and more lubricant is fed into, using the helical bevel gearbox frees the owner from repairing the broken one and replacing a new one rapidly, which is another attractive advantage of this device.

● can prevent overheating
When two objects come in contact with each other directly, there would be friction that is made between the contacting surfaces. Also, the friction may cause heat to be produced. Once any device on the machine is overheated, it may be very dangerous either for the working site or for the operators or the owners of the devices.

The teeth configuration allows more lubricant to be fed into the gearbox, which ensures the continuous lubrication of the device, and thus prevents the situation of overheating from happening.

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