Right Angle Planetary Gearbox

What is a right angle planetary gearbox? 

A right angle planetary gearbox is a planetary gearbox that the input shaft and the output shaft form a right angle, which means the torque and speed transmission is thus formed as a right angle orientation.

The planetary gearbox is the gearbox with numerous drive elements that are applied to produce a series of torque and speed transmission, which help regulate the operating of the connected applications.

The right angle planetary gearbox allows the input shaft to be connected with the motor from one side, and the other shaft to deliver the force to the application from the 90 degrees of delivering angle.

Compared to the traditional gearbox, which is made as single or dual shafts that are long enough to cross the whole length of the device, such as the gearbox in the automobile, the design of a right angle for the planetary gearbox is relatively compact for the smaller applied devices.

In addition, the right angle design also offers the characteristic of this type of gearbox to be mounted in the corner of the devices, which makes it easier to accommodate to narrower available space or the devices with limited configuration.

What is a gearbox?

A gearbox, also known as a speed reducer, is a device that can be usually seen in the devices, which are mechanically driven to be operated. The mechanical driving force comes from the transmission from one gear to another, which can be made with different forms of teeth and various arrangements of each gear.

Especially in the automobile industry that produces cars with similar function but different features, which results in the variation between the sports cars and sedans, whose purposes and the abilities in driving are different from each other.

In other cases, the gearbox can also be seen in the conveyors of the machines that are used for metalworking purposes. To convey the workpieces from one station to another in order to conduct different machining works, a gearbox is capable of providing the driving force of the conveyer.

Depending on the design of teeth such as helical, worm, or spiral, and the arrangements such as coaxial or planetary, the gearboxes come in a variety of configurations that lead to the versatility of the applications that utilize them as the driving force.

How does a right angle planetary gearbox form?

When it comes to the formation of a right angle planetary gearbox, it can be divided into the perspective of the arrangements of the gears and the shafts.

To observe from the inside of the gearbox, there would be a central sun gear, the planetary gears, an outer ring, and a barrier. The central sun gear, as the name implies, is the largest gear that makes it look like a sun in the middle, is the main gear of the planetary gearbox, as others rotate only when the central sun gear does so.

The planetary gears, also known as the planet gears are relatively smaller in size than the central sun gear, which usually would be three that are set around the central sun gear like the several planets out of the sun, and are driven to rotate after the central sun gear rotates.

The outer ring is wrapped around and secures the inner gear assembly, which is, compared to the components inside, stationary instead of rotating along with the gears. The main function of the outer ring is to provide support and protection for the gears inside and deliver the driving force out through the output shaft.

The carrier is the device that carries the other components, including the sun gear, planetary gears, and the outer ring, in place, in order to keep them steady when they are operated with the interaction between each other.

What are the benefits of using a right angle planetary gearbox?

less limited in space
From the exterior appearance of the right angle planetary gearbox, it is less limited in the space where it can be applied for. For the applications with corners, this type of gearbox can be easier fit into the right angle design of it.

In other words, the right angle planetary gearbox is compatible for various applications due to the design of it, which makes it widely applied in the industrial fields.

conformability with the applications
If there is a series of gears that forms a long gearbox, it is nor suitable for the smaller machines that perform small scale of machining works, for example.

Even for the larger applications, using this type of gearbox that takes up less space but with great performance which meets the requirement is not a bad thing as well.

Therefore, no matter the space of the applications is limited or not, this type of gearbox can conform with each one of them without problems.

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