Gonio Ways

Gonio ways are a type of slideway for the machine tool, and combined with a motion bearing that is curved and contains cross-rollers that come in precision, low friction, and non-recirculating features. 

It is used in high-precision optical and measuring instruments where there is a need to adjust the gradient or achieve an accurate gradient angle without altering the center of rotation. In addition to the curved roller cage, gonio ways also include curved tracking bases with specially ground V-grooves and smooth mounting surfaces.

What are slideways and why are they important?

A machined instrument's slides and slideways find and direct members that shift relative to each other, usually shifting the location of the instrument relative to the workpiece. This is also valid for the techniques of gonio. But before we take a closer look at what makes Gonio ways peculiar, let's speak in general about slideways. 

As for rolling elements, precision rollers are used, because the rolling elements do not recirculate, the frictional resistance will not change greatly, giving incredibly low frictional resistance to curved movement. Gonio ways are suitable for devices that involve a shifting gradient with a constant central point of rotation or require very precise movement of the radius, such as optical and measuring instruments.

Generally, the movement of the worktable and the workpiece on the machine tool takes the form of linear translation, but sometimes angular rotation occurs and that’s when gonio ways excel. For example, the grinding wheel head of a universal thread grinder is tilted to the workpiece at an angle equal to the helix angle of the thread. 

If the slider is to pass along a straight line, the line must lie in two mutually perpendicular planes, and there must be no crosswind, such as the slider rotating. The general tolerance of the straightness of the machine tool slide is 0-0.02 mm per 1000 mm; the tolerance should be processed on a horizontal surface to avoid convexity and resist the influence of the potential sag of the slide. That can be prevented with gonio ways.

Plane, V shape, dovetail shape, and cylindrical shape are the basic geometric elements of a normal slide way Depending on the framework, these components can be used independently or mixed in different ways. The basic design provides a simple, reliable slide, without unnecessary restrictions, easy to create, and allows re-grinding or re-scraping of the slide surface. 

The use of two V-shaped surfaces has redundancy limitations, and the manufacturing problems are significantly increased, so high accuracy is required to achieve correct matching between the two sets of V-shaped surfaces. The gonio ways are a more specialized type of slide way with curved cross rollers.

So what are the benefits of gonio ways?

Gonio ways are composed of an arc-shaped tracking base and an arc-shaped roller cage. The arc-shaped tracking base has a precisely ground V-shaped groove and a flat mounting surface. Because the rolling elements will not recirculate, the friction resistance will not change much, so the friction resistance to bending motion is very low. Let us take a closer look at some of the advantages of gonio technology:

Low friction resistance and small movements
Accurate grinding and curved roller design of gonio ways make friction resistance extremely low. The insignificant change between static friction and dynamic friction helps the gonio method to reliably follow small motions, thereby understanding high-precision bending motion.

Low Noise
Since the gonio way uses a non-circular design, there is no noise from the circulating area. Besides, the curved roller cage keeps the rolling parts running quietly without touching noise.

Strong rigidity and capacity for high loads
Compared with the ball assembly, the roller of gonio has a larger contact area and less elastic deformation. In contrast, the effective number of spinning components is higher because the rollers do not circulate, so they have high rigidity and high load power.

Surface of Flat Installation
After installing the gonio ways the flat RVF type assembly surface does not require complicated processing of tables and beds. As a result, the processing cost can be greatly reduced universally.

Same Rotation Center
The precise center of rotation is given by the curved V-grooves of the angular path of the gonio ways, which are completed by a precise grinding process. Besides, since products of each size are placed on two shafts, the products have the same center of rotation.

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