Centerless Grinding Wheel

Gems are so beautiful that humans have been on the hunt for diamonds, emeralds, rubies, sapphires, and other types of gemstones for centuries. But these beautiful gemstones do not appear this beautiful as they are dugout. The primal state of the gemstones is rough stones. In order to turn these rough stones into dazzling gemstones, they have to go through the process of grinding and polishing.

The equipment built for the process of grinding and polishing is not only good for the gemstones industry but can also be applied to the manufacturing industry. We use the process of grinding to grind out the unwanted parts of a workpiece. One of these grinding equipment is the main discussion today, the centerless grinding wheel.

Grinding wheel

Before talking about the centerless grinding wheels, a brief introduction to the grinding wheels, in general, is necessary. A grinding wheel is a wheel comprised of the materials which are abrasive and it is used for various process of grinding and abrasive machining operations. The grinding wheels can be used in grinding machines. Coarse particles such as an aluminum oxide or silicon carbide are used to make up the wheel. People will bound these coarse particles together by a cementing matrix, so it can in turns form a solid and circular shape. It is also possible for the grinding wheel to be made out of solid steel or aluminum disc. The coarse particles will be bonded to the surface of the metal.

Centerless grinding wheel

Now we all know the centerless grinding wheels are the type of grinding wheels that used the technique of centerless grinding. Depending on the products, the range of requirements and priorities of the centerless grinding wheel can differ. In the system of the Centerless applications, there is more than one wheel mounted on the spindle. In this case, the geometry and densities of the wheels need to be kept in relatively tight tolerances. This way, it will help to make sure that the wear patterns are the same even if each wheel in the set is different.

Centerless grinding

Let’s first discuss the concept of centerless grinding. Centerless grinding is a kind of process which utilizes abrasive cutting to remove unwanted material from a workpiece. In the process of centerless grinding, there is no spindle or fixture utilized to fixate and secure the workpiece. The centerless grinding using two rotary grinding wheels to secure the workpiece. When the grinding operation requires several parts to be processed in a relatively short time, centerless grinding is the best method to go to. There are three main ways to do the centerless grinding. Each of them is different from one the other by the method they utilized to send the workpiece through the machine.

Through-feed Centerless Grinding

In the process of through-feed centerless grinding, the workpiece completely goes through the grinding wheels. The workpiece will enter on one side of the grinding wheel and exit on the opposite side of the grinding wheel. The method of through-feed grinding can be very efficient due to the fact that it does not require a separate feed mechanism. However, it is important to keep in mind that the through-feed centerless grinding can only be used for the parts which come with a simple cylindrical shape.

End-feed Centerless Grinding

In the process of end-feed centerless grinding, the workpiece is sent into the machine in an axial direction. Then the workpiece is fed through the machine on one side and comes to rest against an end stop. After the process of grinding is completed, the workpiece will then be fed in the opposite direction to exit the machine. The end-feed centerless grinding is worked best for the tapered workpieces.

In-feed Centerless Grinding

The process of in-feed centerless grinding is often used when the workpieces which are to be grind have relatively complex shapes. Before the process of grinding begins, people have to first manually load the workpiece into the grinding machine. The regulating wheel also needs to move into the right place for the process to commence.

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