Cup Grinding Wheel

Cup grinding wheels are a type of grinding wheel. A cup grinding wheel is also called a cup wheel. They are the grinding wheels used on a cup grinder. A cup grinding wheel is not exactly a flat disc, but with a shallow hollow at the center of the wheel. One of the most common applications of the cup wheels is to polish stone or concrete, sometimes metal surfaces. The cup grinders are also used to remove the thin layer of paint, coating or adhesive on the surface of an object. The amount of grit on the cup grinding wheels determines how delicate the work a cup grinder can handle. In addition to removing stock, the cup grinding wheels are also used to sharpen tools and finish object surfaces depending on the grain type and abrasive size.

Grain types

Grain types refer to the types of minerals that are used to manufacture the abrasive tools. There is a rather wide selection of minerals that can be used to make grinding wheels. They can be glass, plastics, steel, diamond, aluminum oxide, ceramics, or super alloys. All these minerals come with distinctive characteristics and properties to fit specific requirements of the end abrasive work. Since they play the major role in performing the works, the type of mineral that makes the grinding wheels has a major impact on the applications and performance of an abrasive. The minerals are classified by the grit properties.

Grit Classification

Grit is responsible for material removal and the two properties of it are important: bond and toughness. The most common grit types are silicon carbide, aluminum oxide, zirconia alumina, and ceramic aluminum oxide. The silicon carbide is very hard but less tough; it is brittle. The aluminum oxide is hard and tough. The zirconia alumina is very tough; the wear property of it is micro-wear. The ceramic aluminum oxide is hard, very tough and micro-wear like the zirconia alumina. Most steel-based grits belong to the zirconia alumina and the super alloys and stainless steel belong to ceramic aluminum oxide.

Application of Abrasives

The cup grinding wheel as well as the grinding wheels in general is a type of abrasive that is used for grinding works. They can be mounted to a manually operated wheel grinder or a powered grinding machine to perform the grinding or cutting works. The application of grinding wheels is not limited to industrial and technological applications but also domestic and handcraft applications. Based on where these grinding tools are used, they come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes for particular purposes. Some are used to cut and dissect parts while some are used to polish or finish.

Straight Grinding Wheels

Straight grinding wheels are considered of the most common and basic grinding wheel type. They can be seen in workshops, industrial settings, or anywhere the abrasive works are required. The primary application of the straight grinding wheels is to sharpen cutting tools or hand tools such as chisels and blades.

Large Diameter Grinding Wheels

The large diameter grinding wheels are essentially the regular grinding wheels like the straight grinding wheels, but with a much larger diameter. With a larger diameter, this type of grinding wheel is useful for wide surface grinding applications. They are applicable for handling round shaped objects too. They are used mainly in OD grinding to machine the cylindrical objects.

Dish Grinding Wheel

Dish grinding wheels have a similar appearance with the cup grinding wheels, but they are shallower and have a thinner surface edge. Since the dish grinding wheels have a thinner shape, they can fit into confined working areas which the cup grinding wheels are incapable of reaching. Otherwise, they are not much different from the cup grinding wheels to the application end.

Cutting Face Grinding Wheel

The cutting face grinding wheels, as the name suggests, can be used to cut through objects by means of grinding material away. This type of grinding wheel usually has a narrow grinding edge. They are used to dissect a workpiece into several parts.

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