Depressed Center Wheel

Introduction of Depressed Center Wheels

Depressed center wheels are also called depressed center grinding wheels or raised hub wheels. They are a kind of changeable accessories of electrical or pneumatic grinders.

They often come in a set with the type with a straight hole and the other with a mounted hub. Moreover, they require to be installed in a specific order.

These specially designed grinding wheels provide high cut rates and long lifespan on all types of ferrous metals, stainless steels, alloy steels and cast iron. Therefore, now they are popular in the DIY industries and garages.

Their feature of high cut rates enables them to be able to keep mounting hardware out of the process, moreover, helps delivering the results be done with higher quality and more precision ways.

The depressed center wheels are usually used in the grinding of castings, weld beads, flash or parting lines and metal part defects.

Mostly, they are used to deal with tough right angle grinding applications on metal, masonry, and other building materials.

Features of Depressed Center Wheels

Compared with normal grinding wheels, the depressed center wheels contain a higher RPM, which brings them a more powerful grinding ability.

Definition of RPM

Since RPM is one of the conditions when choosing a proper depressed center wheel, first of all, we need to know what it is.

RPM is the abbreviation of revolutions per minute, which means the average on rolling times of the wheels or something can be rolled within one minute.

For example, RPM 3,000 means the wheel can be rolled 3,000 times in a minute. In general, higher the RPM is, powerful the tool is.

Therefore, usually, RPM would become a reference on motors, pumps, engines, discs, etc. and become one of the conditions to decide whether they can be bought from the mall or not.

Since it is the maximum rolling times of the components, once the number goes higher than the RPM, it would cause the risk of device damage. When the situation comes on weaker components like grinding wheels, it might even cause the wheels broken.

Steps of Applying the Depressed Center Wheel to a Grinder

When applying the grinding wheel to a grinder, the first thing to check is to make sure the max RPM of the wheel is higher than the max RPM of the grinder. That is because that if the RPM on the grinder is higher, the grinding wheel would be broken.

The set of the depressed center wheel would come with the type with a straight hole and the other with a mounted hub.

When installing the wheels, the back flange on the grinder should be put the first. Next, set the wheel with a straight hole on the flange then screw down the nut. Finally, install the wheel with a mounted hub.

Then, the powerful grinder is on.

When doing the grinding work, remember to keep the grinder and the material in a 45 degrees angle. It would make the grinding process going easier.

Moreover, if the angle is over 45 degrees, the fulling force produced from the spinning wheel would throw the operated grinder out and cause some damages. Therefore, for safety purpose, remember to use the grinder with the proper angle.

Doing Grinding Works Safely

Using the grinder looks not a big deal. However, it is just “looks” like that. After all, grinding is one kind of the industrial processing. Therefore, as the same standard, users doing grinding works should wear protective gear.

Generally, the protecting point would be categorized into noise preventing, splashing preventing, and cutting preventing.

Speak to noise preventing, the only and the most important protective gear is a pair of earplugs. According to the medical research, human ears cannot bear the noise over 85 decibels. If one exposes in the environment with noise, his or her hearing ability would be damaged.

For splashing preventing, a pair of goggles, thick protective clothes and pants, protective boots are involved in the standard gear. As we know, things that need to be grinded are usually metals. That means there would be some grinded metal crumbs come out from the metal. Moreover, under the effect of centrifugal force, the metal crumbs would be shot out in a high speed that might become sharp weapons to hurt people.

Finally, gloves are also important elements inside the protective gears. Since everything that spins in an extremely high speed can produce huge friction, the thing would be able to grind or cut specific materials. Think about it, the grinding wheels are powerful enough to shape metals, not mention your hands which are made of flesh.

Another reason for wearing a protective gear is that grinding work makes sparks because of the huge friction. Therefore, it is important that all flammable things should be put away from the working area.

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