Flange Grinding Wheel

Introduction of Flange Grinding Wheel

As the name shows, a flange grinding wheel is the specially designed grinding wheel with a flange contained. The flange functions as the wheels on vehicles which transmit rotation from a shaft to another component and in some level protect the working parts. In other words, the flange is the part that accepts the rotary force in the first place from driving devices and then transmits the force to the grinding wheel.

During a grinding process, the flange and the wheel usually bear the spinning speed up to over thousands of RPM or more. Grinding wheels with the protection of grinding wheel flanges are more likely to have longer lifespan; however, the flanges themselves would need to be replaced during a specific duration.

Ways of Keep the Flange’s Lifespan Longer

Since the flange would be required to bear high RPM while working, it might be broken during a specific time. Before using the flange grinding wheels, the users are suggested to check the conditions below:

● Make Sure the Design of the Flanges You Choose is Correct

Different dimensions, material, and flange type are for various grinding applications. Before choosing, you need to know what the grinding applications do your grinders have and the feature of the grinding wheel for choosing a proper type of flanges to apply on. The diameter of flanges must be uniformed. Some designs even require undercuts near the arbor sleeve. These are for the safety purpose to protect the users. Except for some special designs, most of the grinding wheels would require flanges with recesses.

● Check the Conditions of the Flanges Before Grinding

No matter how they are installed on the grinding wheels, flanges are required to be maintained in good condition with respect to flatness, finish, balance, wear, and truth. While installing the flanges onto the grinding wheels, it should be noticed that the flanges should not be screwed too tight. Otherwise, it might cause damage or wrapping on the flanges.

Replacing a new blotter every time while applying the grinding wheel is important because the blotter is an important safety measure which can protect the flanges from abrasion. Please notice that grinding wheels which install the flange unsecured or improperly would be damaged or broken easily. Thus, checking the conditions of grinding wheels and correctly installing the flange on the grinding wheels would be a better idea to maintain the grinding wheels and ensure their lifespan.

Reasons Why Applying Flanges on the Grinding Wheels

● Safety Purpose

As we know, grinding wheels would need to bear high RPM while working. Although the grinding wheels themselves would be designed with fine bearing capability to deal with high RPM, sometimes they would be damaged by the high rotation.

A metal plate crushed during the high-speed rotation would not be considered safe and it would potentially cause some damages. Therefore, for safety purposes, applying the flanges on the grinding wheels for distributing the rotary force would be a good choice to have.

● Provide the Grinding Wheels with Longer Lifespan

Every time grinding works are applied, the grinding wheel would bear high revolutions from the shaft of the grinder. Although the users should choose the grinding wheels according to the maximum RPM, sometimes the accidents would just come. Moreover, the RPM is after all a reference that is not absolute. If the grinding wheels are used frequently with maximum RPM, it might get destroyed faster than the ones that do not work so frequently.

Therefore, people usually choose to apply the flange on the grinding wheels for protecting them from high rotary forces since the flange can in some level slow the force a little bit. With the protection of flanges, the grinding wheels would not be easily broken under the high RPM.

Introduction to RPM

RPM is the standard rotary time for all rotating tools. It is the abbreviation of revolutions per minute, which means the average on rolling times of the wheels or something can be rolled within one minute. It is one of the information to show the capability of the tools or devices. For example, RPM 3,000 means the wheel can be rolled 3,000 times in a minute. In general, the higher the RPM is, the more powerful the tool is.

Usually, RPM would become a reference on motors, pumps, engines, discs, etc. and become one of the conditions to decide whether they can be bought from the mall or not. Since it is the maximum rolling times of the components, once the number goes higher than the RPM, it would cause the risk of device damage. When the situation comes on weaker components like grinding wheels, it might even cause the wheels broken.

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