Industrial Fans Guide

What Are Industrial Fans?

The main function of Industrial fans is to produce a steady flow of air to ensure proper ventilation inside a  building. These fans have numerous benefits and are used in a wide range of industries, such as chemical, medical, automotive, agricultural, food processing, etc. Aside from circulating fresh air in a structure, industrial fans can also collect oil mist and dust, as well as remove odor. Read on to find out more about the industrial fans!

Figure 1. Industrial Fans in Factory


There are typically two types of industrial fans: centrifugal fans and axial fans.


This type of fan applies centrifugal force generated by a rotating disk to produce air or gas movement. The rotating disk has blades mounted at right angles to the disk. In most models, the fan wheel is contained in a scroll-shaped housing. During the operation, air or gas in the spinning fan is dispersed outside the wheel to an outlet at the housing’s largest diameter. More air or gas is then drawn in through the center hole simultaneously. 

Figure 2. Centrifugal Fan with Ventilation System


As the counterpart of centrifugal fans, axial fans feature the delivery of air in axial movement. Therefore, the axial fans are designed with a cylindrical housing that transfers high-velocity air axially with the blade and propeller. Compared with centrifugal fans, the main difference is that the former is an enclosed structure, while the latter is an open structure. The distinct designs affect their applications in the industry. 

Figure 3. Large Axial Fan on an Airport 

Why do We Need them?

The structure of an industrial fan is fairly simple: a fan wheel with blades connected to a hub and a shaft, and is driven by a rotating motor. So what makes industrial fans absolutely necessary in factories or any industrial sites? 

In metalworking operations, the temperature of the worksite is bound to rise and the air is often contaminated with chips, dirt, and oil mist. The industrial fans replace the bad air and cool down the indoor temperature by circulating the air in enclosed areas. If the residue and the undesired substances remain in the air for too long, it could cause serious harm to both the machinery and workers in the plant. This is why it is highly recommended that manufacturing plants invest in these ventilation machines to ensure a safe working environment and smooth workflow. There are many types of industrial fans you can choose from. We'll cover two primary types in the next section.


The primary functions of industrial fans are outlined below:

Ventilating Working Environments

The basic ventilation function is the same as a general-purpose fan. Industrial fans ensure the quality of air in the working environments by keeping the air circulating. But note that this does not mean you can replace an industrial fan with a general-purpose fan on industrial sites.

Cooling Equipment

Most machine tool applications generate high amounts of heat during operation. If the temperature of the machine isn't controlled, it may damage the machine components, and compromise the lifespan of the machine. Industrial fans can help maintain an appropriate temperature in a worksite, which in turn keeps the machine temperature down. This is especially crucial in high-speed operations.

Removing Oil Mist and Dust

Industrial fans usually work in conjunction with oil mist or dust collectors to discard unwanted substances from the worksite. This ensures that the work environment is free of contaminated air as well as the well-being of workers.

Drying Workpieces

During precision machining, temperature and humidity control is the most important factor to ensure a smooth workflow. Before initiating the machining process, the air circulation through fans allows the workpieces to stay dry. You definitely don't want moisture build-up on the workpieces prior to the machining process. Also, industrial fans eliminate moisture on the finished products so that coolant can be applied to them.

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