Industrial Parts Guide

What are Industrial Parts?

Industrial parts refer to the components and accessories that build the industrial machinery. They also refer to the devices and gadgets that are implemented in industrial projects, such as manufacturing, engineering, construction, etc. Broadly speaking, industrial parts also include the testing and measuring equipment, as well as the safety equipment that the machinists or engineers wear. In this article, we will introduce you to those types of industrial components and accessories that are used in most industrial processes and the part manufacturers and suppliers in Taiwan.

Machine Tool Parts

When it comes to industrial parts, machine tools probably came up to people's minds first. Machine tools, or industrial machinery, are requisite for forming parts of other machines and manufacturing end products in the production line. Turning lathes, machining centers, mills, drills, presses, EDM machines, grinding centers, casting machines, roll forming machines, etc. are the machine tools that produce almost all products we can see in our life. The parts for machine tools include the spindle, feeder, jaw chuck, tool turret, and more. Ton Fu, Ring Sun, Evermore, and Herbert provide high-quality machine tool parts that fit your industrial applications.

Tool Handling Parts

Tool handling parts are the devices that hold and transport machinery and toolings in a machining process, such as the tool turret, tool magazine, tool change carts, and tool transfer cart. Hong Ju is one of the tool-handling parts manufacturers in Taiwan. They offer a collection of CNC tool changers that can improve the efficiency of your process. In addition to the tool changers, tool change carts for dies and molds are also an important part of your processes. They ensure a smooth die/mold docking and mounting process and safety to the operators.

HVAC Equipment

HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. The HCAC equipment is the part that maintains the indoor environmental comfort and air quality in your shop. In industrial settings, such as factories, foundries, small workshops, the generation of chips, dust, fumes, heat, oil grease, etc. is just inevitable. Using these industrial parts not only provides your staff a comfortable and healthy working environment but also elongates the lifespan of your machinery. A clean and safe environment for both the staff and the equipment leads to better performance. We work with several industrial fans and air purifier suppliers in Taiwan, such as Yen Power. If you are looking for a HEPA-grade air filtration system, contact us right now and we will offer you the best HVAC solution for your shop.

Power Equipment

Power equipment refers to motors, pumps, engines, cylinders, generators, etc. that serve as the power source of your machines and your shop. This is a large subcategory of industrial parts. The motor alone has a wide variety of types, such as direct-drive motor, linear motor, BLDC motor, servo motor, and more. Solpower is one of our partners that are specialized in motor and rotor R&D. They offer top-notch synchronous servo motors and direct drive motors. If it is the AC motor and gear motor you are looking for, go to Sesame Motor Corp and they will present you some top-of-the-line models for your shop. We also work closely with the leading pump corp. in Taiwan, Walrus Pump, which is experienced in irrigation, water evacuation, plumbing, agriculture, and landscape applications.

Measuring and Inspection Equipment

Measurement, testing, and inspection play an indispensable role in every industrial operation. As manufacturing and engineering technology advances, tool and machine measuring and inspecting have undergone rapid development within the past few decades. Measuring devices for particular machines and processes are invented as a result. The common industrial measurement equipment includes CMMs, spring testers, dial indicators, gauge blocks, leveling instruments, edge finders, just to name a few. Leader and Gin Tech have devoted efforts to manufacturing high-precision tester tools and measuring machines. They are one of the pioneers that drive industrial automation in Taiwan. We also have a list of CMM suppliers here. Feel free to send us a message for more information about the industrial parts you need.

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