Jigs and clamping mechanism are one of the most critical accessories for machine tool machining process because the fixtures they provide offers the possibility for the further machining process. Machine tool components and parts are a huge market in the industry and in Taiwan the export volume shares a large quantity that is not less than the export market of the machine tool sector, contributing a large number to the economy. The inventory of machine tool components are a very large category, such as casted parts, spindles, motors, servo equipment, saddle, locknut, shells, hydraulic cylinders, chucks, claw, precision screws, tailstock, jigs, and many others.

In the application, a jig's major purpose is to offer the precise repeatability, great accuracy, and interchangeability in the manufacturing of the products. Therefore, a jig is often confused with a fixture because a fixture holds the work in a fixed location. Meanwhile, a device that does both functions, that are, holding the work and guiding a tool, is considered a jig.

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