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Accessories for milling machine is a very large inventory that include case, base casting, shell, spindle, belts, chip conveyors, motor, chuck, turret, ATC, magazine devices, and many other parts that can improve the processing quality.
For mill turn machine, the machining efficiency depends on the ATC system. A Turret Type Mill Turn Center is a machine tool equipped with a power turret. It has rotation and milling functions. The spindle controls the rotation of the work piece to perform various machining operations such as cutting, knurling, sanding, drilling, deformation, facing, and turning.
CNC milling is a machining process. Under the control of a computer numerical control (CNC) system, the tool is rotated to process the work piece. This machining method can extend a variety of operations and a wide range of work pieces, including single small parts and also heavy and large-scale parts.

Similarity and distinctive points

Similar to turning, milling is one of the most commonly used machining methods and provides excellent accuracy. Milling is particularly suitable for machining workpieces with complex contours, so the research and development of machining methods are very popular in the industry. With the development of the milling process, many machining methods have emerged, and one of the most popular and widely used methods is machine center.


Machining center models

Machining centers are highly developed technology assemblies that can handle multiple milling tasks at once. The machining center began to develop in the 1960s. Since then, the development of this particular type of machine tool has progressed smoothly in the industry and is widely used in various industries.


Productivity and popularity

As a result, the research and development of milling method is highly popular in the industrial world due to its productive and effective nature for rendering work pieces with complex profiles which is comparatively hard to achieve by conventional turning lathes. With this expectation, the following development and the idea of machine centers are thus gradually formed.
The term "machining center" can be used to describe various CNC (computer numerical control) drilling and milling machines, which are equipped with some critical accessories and can be selected according to the processing needs, such as tool magazine, ATC (automatic tool changer), power tool turret, CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine), multi-axis working tables, just to name a few.


Vertical and horizontal

The classification of machining centers can be roughly divided into two main categories: vertical and horizontal:
In a vertical machining center, the work piece is processed by a vertically moving cutting tool. Conversely, the spindle of the horizontal machining center moves horizontally.
The spindle speed is a key parameter that determines the performance of the machining center. RPM (revolutions per minute) standards are different, and there is no universal scope. Although manufacturers in Europe, Japan and Taiwan have a consensus on RPM standards, regional differences are still very large.

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