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A common misconception about tool holders is that they are only used to hold the machine tool for machinery like the milling machines. But what many do not realize is that the tool holder itself is also a component to be held. The tool holder’s connection to the machine tools is made easy with clamping options like screws, hydraulics, screws, and shrink fit. However, many neglect another one of the very versatile clamping mechanisms which also carries out the same task – the air power drawbar. 

What is an Air Power Drawbar

An air power drawbar, more commonly known as the power drawbar or the spindle drawbar, is a clamping mechanism for tool holders on machine tools. The air power drawbar holds the tool holder or machine taper and applies force to the spindle, especially when the spindle is rotating at low speeds. 

Power drawbars, as opposed to the conventional drawbars back in the days, are able to automate certain types of milling machines, significantly reduce the tool change time and enable more cutting time in the cycle. The power drawbars are capable of changing tools at least 75% faster than that of manual tool changing with wrenches. They are easy to install, can reduce worker fatigue, as well as improve productivity and safety. 

Features of Air Power Drawbars

With the above said, air power drawbars have a great many features despite their straightforward functionality. Some of the key features include:

Most air power drawbars are compatible with and can be installed on any kind of milling machines. Though you may still need to make sure that the spindles are compatible.

● Air power drawbars are an easy, convenient and economical clamping mean for operators who are looking to optimize the performance and production of their milling machine. 

● Not only is an air power drawbar a great addition to a wide variety of general milling machines, it is also compatible with CNC milling machines. 

● Air power drawbar is extremely easy to install. And the tool changing process can be completed by a power drawbar by a matter of seconds.

● As the name suggests, air power drawbar is driven by air compression, unlike those of conventional drawbars back in the days.

● A safety device usually complements the air power drawbar which is controlled with a solenoid valve. The air power drawbar cannot be operated while the machine is still running. 

How to Check Drawbar Gauge

You’d need to check the power of your drawbars at times, hence the existence of a drawbar force gauge. A drawbar force gauge is basically a gauge designed to measure the force of a drawbar on a machine tool. In fact, many have recommended that the drawbar force should be checked frequently enough to spot any inconsistency in holding strength before a problem shows.

Before we dive into the measuring tips, this is how a modern drawbar gauge works: The modern force gauges are typically based on a force sensor that utilizes electronics and bonded strain gauges to transform the resulting output into digital display for easy readout. Conversely, a sealed hydraulic cavity with pressure gauges is mostly used for the drawbars in the early days. They are generally considered less reliable because of the lack of accuracy. 

Now going into how to go about checking the force of drawbar and make sure that the tool holder is tightly held:

1. It is recommended to check the force of the drawbar at least once every two months.

2. You should be able to anticipate the time interval between each drawbar repairs; It could be 2 or it could be 5. The lifespan can depend on a handful of different variables, for instance, the frequency of tool change.

3. You need to take proper force into consideration as well. Depending on the distinct machine models, the optimal force for your drawbar can vary. If necessary, consult your manufacturers as to what the force should be. 

4. A spindle alone does not provide adequate holding force. If it did, you’d risk overloading your bearings. This is why your drawbar should be repaired whenever the holding force is deemed inadequate against the specification provided by your manufacturer. 


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