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Imaging yourself roaming in the forest all by yourself. In order to survive, you start to forage food, gather dry wood for fire and to build a shelter. Then you started to realize that all of this job would have been much easier if you have the proper tool sets. It would be a lot easier for you to cut the wood in a saw, and a lot easier for you to cut the food in the knife. All of this tools can quickly take up all the space in your backpack. It would be a total lifesaver if you have a Swiss knife by yourself, as it has combined all the tools you need to survive out there. Imaging yourself in another scenario, but this time you are in the factory. In front of you there are so many parts, each of them need to be processed with different tools, what do you do? Fortunately, we have invented a tool to solve this problem, the quick change tool.

Quick change tool

The quick change tool is a set of devices which has the ability to change the parts in the relatively short amount of time. In this way, I can switch to whatever tools set it required to perform the process of manufacturing. Thanks to the automation, most of the work can be done through the machine or robot these days. For example, The Robotic Tool Changer is a set of devices which is capable of changing the end-effectors or other peripheral tooling in a flexible and automatic way. The Robot Tool Changer comes with a lot of names, it is also known as a Quick-Change device (QC), an automatic tool changer (ATC), and the robot tool changer. These tool changers are created to function for millions of cycles reliably at rated load while maintaining extremely high repeatability. Tool Changer models can cover a lot of types of applications, ranging from the very small payloads to the heavy payload applications which require significantly large moment capacity. An end-effector comes with two mating parts, which are the Master-side and the Tool-side. These two parts have been designed to lock with each other or couple with each other automatically. The tool set can carry a payload. It also possesses the capability to pass utilities such as electrical signals, pneumatic, and water. Pneumatics is the most common way for most of the robot couplers to lock the Master- and Tool-sides together. The Robot Tool Changer provides us with the opportunity to change tools at any automated process with great flexibility, and the ability to pass different types of utilities. The Master-side of the Tool Changer is usually mounted to the equipment such as the robot, the CNC machine, or other structure. As the Tool-side of the Tool Changer, it is often mounted to the tooling part, such as the grippers, welders, or deburring tools.

Things to consider

The installation of the quick change tool post can sometimes prove to be troublesome for some people. There are some factors which are required to be considered and pay attention to before installing your quick change tool set. The tool post is installed at a tee slot, a device which is located on the carriage of the lathe. The problem is, not all tool posts can fit the tee slot perfectly. The reason is that, just for the lathe models can come with hundreds of types.  Each of the lathe models has its very own tee slot size. Which means that in order for the newly purchased tool post to fit into the tee slot, we are sometimes required to machine the tool post, mostly on the bottom plate, to fit your carriage. In order to choose the right set of the quick change tool, a parameter is often required. So what is the parameter? The parameter is by definition a way to determine the maximum diameter of work the lathe can machine.in the case that the number of the parameter is not given, we can still calculate the data by double the measured distance from the center of the spindle to the bed. It is important for people to have all the factors considered and all the data checked. Because if chosen the wrong type of the quick change tool set, it will cause serious problems later on during machining. 

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