CNC Mist Collector

What is a CNC mist collector?

A CNC mist collector is used to capture the oil mist that is produced from the operating of CNC lathe machines, and provides filtered air to the atmosphere of the workplace. A CNC mist collector is similar to an air purifier that people use at home, both of them catch and purify the particulates that are bad for the respiratory system from the air, and push clean air back to keep the environments from being contaminated.

CNC lathe machines are widely applied in the industrial field, since they are able to make intricate cuts on different materials of workpieces, which can be further made products that are sold on the markets. During the process of machining works, the workpieces and CNC lathe machine would closely contact each other by the high-speed spindle of the CNC lathe machine, and cause heat and friction between them. When the heat spreads to the air, oil mist is produced. Once the oil mist comes in contact with the heat, it would become oil smoke, which is not only bad for the operators to breathe but also contaminate the CNC lathe machines. Therefore, the factories that use CNC lathe machines would utilize the CNC mist collectors to deal with these problems.

What are the types of CNC mist collectors?

Depending on the different application of the CNC lathe machines, the CNC mist collectors can be divided into two types, including primary control mist collectors and secondary mist collectors.

● Primary control mist collectors

According to the principle that hot heat goes up, the primary control mist collectors are usually mounted above the CNC lathe machines, which allow direct collecting of oil mist during the process of machining works. A primary control mist collector consists of three parts of filters, from the bottom to the top including a pre-filter, a carbon pre-filter, and a main filter. Through the multiple steps of purification, most of the oil mist can be removed.

● Secondary control mist collectors

When the CNC mist collector is not capable of being mounted due to the setting of the CNC lathe machines, a secondary control mist collector would be applied. The secondary control mist collectors can be hung from the ceiling or stands individually, which provide environments availability in the workplaces with different requirements. A secondary control mist collector consists of four layers of cleanable mesh pre-filters that are attached to each other, an oil bag filter, and an adjustable four-way grate that emits the purified air.

How does a CNC mist collector work?

With the different construction, the principles of working the primary control mist collector and the secondary control mist collector are lightly different as well.

● Primary control mist collector

Since a primary control mist collector would be mounted over the CNC lathe machines, the transferring of the oil mist is from the bottom to the top. When the oil mist and also the coolant or water drains are produced during the process of the machining works, they would be recycled by the pre-filter first. Next, the carbon pre-filter would collect the larger substances from the air. When the air keeps going up to the main filter, smaller particulates would be blocked and the filtered clean air would be emitted back the atmosphere of the workplace.

● Secondary control mist collector

Unlike the primary control mist collector, the transferring of the oil mist is from one side of the CNC mist collector to the other. The side of the four layers of cleanable pre-filters would be set at the direction where the oil mist may spread to. After the oil mist pass through the four cleanable pre-filters, the oil bag would capture the oil and other small particulates and sends the clean air out. Once the filtered air pass through the adjustable four-way grate, the process is completed.

What are the advantages of using a CNC mist collector?

● prolonging the lives of CNC lathe machines

As what the above introduction has mentioned, the oil mist that is made from the operating of the CNC lathe machines may become oil smoke and contaminated the machines. If the machines are still new, the damages to them may not be that obvious. However, after using those machines for a period of time, they may not work as well as the new ones, and one of the reasons is because of the contamination of the oil mist. By using the CNC mist collector, the amount of oil mist can be controlled and the lives of the machines can be extended as well.

● making better environments of the workplaces

The oil mist would not only cause damage to the CNC lather machines, but is also bad for the health of the operators. Any form of air that contains excessive substances that the operators breathe in may be harmful for their respiratory system directly. In addition, if the skin comes in contact with the oil mist, the dermatitis may also occur, which makes the operators feel uncomfortable. With the CNC mist collector, it is capable of effectively reducing these problems to happen, which makes better environments of the workplaces.

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