Coolant Mist Collector

What is a coolant mist collector?

The coolant mist collector is a type of industrial air purifier which is made to remove the dust, particulates, and fumes in the air. The coolant mist collector is used commonly in the manufacturing settings such as the CNC production line or precision machining factories because an immense amount of fumes, particulates and other types of aerosols is generated during the metalworking operations such as CNC grinding or drilling. The aerosols or coolant mist are gluey and sticky substances made of industrial liquids, such as water vapors, lubricants or oils, and the particulate matters and dust. These substances will spread to places and gather into a greasy layer on the walls, ceilings, floors and the machines. The floor can become slippery and result in accidental falls of the employees in the work place.

In addition, if the employees inhale the air with these substances, the respiratory system and lungs will be damaged. Furthermore, when they stuck into the gaps or joints of the machines, they jeopardize the precision and accuracy of them. If these substances are not properly collected and evacuated, they will compromise the employee safety and the working environment as well as causing higher cost of machinery maintenance. Therefore, the coolant mist collector is needed in these places to eliminate such conditions.

What is the coolant mist?

The coolant mist plays an important role in the CNC metalwork operations. It is used to dissipate excess heat generated during heavy-duty, high-speed machining operations. In the cooling process, the coolant is combined with the air and released in the working operations; when the air mixed with coolant evaporates, the machines cool down. By cooling down the machines and tools, the efficiency of the work is enhanced significantly.

The coolant is usually an oil-based synthetic substance, when they evaporate and release back into the air, they will eventually settle on all surfaces as mentioned. The coolant mist with dust and particulates will gather on floors, machines and people. The coolant mist is certainly useful to cool down the machines while working, but it can lead to irritation reactions and severe respiratory conditions if inhaled by people and they can affect the functions of the CNC machines in a long term if the mist is not removed.

Types of coolant mist collectors

To remove the coolant mist and the unwanted aerosols from the air, the coolant mist collector is needed. There are three types of coolant mist collectors; each of them functions with the application of different mechanisms and unique features. They are best applicable to different environments, so when it comes to the selection of a coolant mist collector, how they work and to where it is going to be applied should be taken into consideration.

The electrostatic coolant mist collectors apply the electrostatic technology with high voltage currents to gather the particulate matters and industrial liquids in the air. It works by giving the particulates positive charges and when they pass through plates with negative charges, they are trapped and hence filtered out from the air. However, when exposed to the coolant mist in a long period of time, the collector will be covered by a layer of the aerosols and the efficiency will decline. The monthly cleaning is required when using an electrostatic coolant mist collector. Depending on how heavy the duty is, the maintenance interval is suggested to be shortened.

The centrifugal mist collector has the collecting system that revolves around the rotating filter. It is the oldest design of the coolant mist collectors. When the system revolves, the centrifugal force pushes the aerosols and particulates outwards to the wall of the machine. The walls are made of filters which trap the particulates and drain out the pure air only; the aerosols will stay on the wall. The drawbacks of this type of collector are that it can cause loud noises and it takes more power to work.

The multi-stage media cartridge mist collector uses the 3-stage media system to filter the particulates. Some of the collectors include HEPA filters to better capture the industrial smoke and oil-based substances in the air. The maintenance of the collector is quite simple: just replace the filters regularly. This type of coolant mist collector is the most popular among the three because it is easy to maintain, it does not require much power, and it is silent while working.

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