Mist Coolant System

In the metal cutting industry, lubricants, coolants, and many other cutting fluids are necessary for machine tools to perform machining tasks, because we know that cutting metal can cause a lot of friction, debris, and heat.

Contamination issues

Today's manufacturing environment is different from the past. There are lubricants, coolants and many other cutting fluids scattered in the air. In the process of cutting metal, it will also bring a lot of chips and high temperature. These liquid and metal particles always diffuse into the air in the work area, thus causing serious pollution to the manufacturing plant, which is a serious occupational safety hazard for workers. Cutting fluids can cause harm to workers, and there are many other pollutions in the factory that are more likely to damage health, such as gas, oil, exhaust emissions from engines and starters, etc. Therefore, how to deal with these pollutions becomes a serious topic and needs to be properly managed.

Collector of oils

The concept of the oil mist collector began in the late 1990s. Due to the invention of new motor power, the oil mist collector was also developed. After the improvement of the oil mist collection inlet, the oil mist can now be effectively and completely sucked into the collector, which is driven by the electric motor.

In applications of oil mist collector, contaminated air is drawn into the inlet of the first-stage collector, where most of the oil particles are trapped. When the first-stage collector reaches saturation, the oil droplets will coalesce and drain down to the oil sump below the collector.


Such programs will automatically draw away and pass the reusable air through the second-level program, the filter, where the reusable air will be initially filtered.

The third stage is a non-wicking final filter, which can capture the smallest particles that are still as small as 0.30 microns. Then discharge clean air from the top of the collector into the device. This is the circulation process of the oil mist collector, which can also be called a filtration system.

Most industrial air filtration systems and industrial oil mist collector solutions can help protect factory employees and equipment investment, clean up the workshop area, and thus reduce the pressure on the entire production line. If these metals and oily particles adhere to the machines, the machines may rust or malfunction. 


In the manufacturing or metal processing industry, the presence of oil mist is inevitable, because the oil mist generated when using cooling or lubricating liquid will quickly spread in the air, and may even emit smoke because of the high temperature generated by the processing. All smoke has different types of risk factors, and exposure should be minimized. Oil mist collector usually uses loft fiberglass filtration medium to collect H2O or petroleum-based process coolant.

Vertical phase

Based on this idea, the vertical design of industrial air filtration equipment has three-stage filtering layer, which helps to discharge excess coolant, makes the filter cleaning time longer, and effectively filters harmful mist. In addition, the industrial oil mist collector can also provide customers with the solution of cleaning all the ambient air in the factory.

Contamination matters

Someone may ask, what is oil and mist?

In today's industry, manufacturing, or any type of metalworking industry, fluids are used to cool and lubricate mechanical machining activities: that is, to reduce machinery and tool wear. These fluids contain different oils, minerals and contaminants, but they can effectively protect metals and will not produce chemical reactions during processing.

When these fluids come into contact with fast-moving tools and work pieces, they can cause oil mist, which will then spread into the air. Due to the high temperature of metal parts during processing, they may also cause smoke. Therefore, in order to keep the production site clean and avoid smoke damage to machinery and any equipment in the factory, and industrial oil mist collector or/and ventilation systems are a wise investment.

All in all, it is very important for modern factories to eliminate oil mist in the working environment as much as possible. Air pollution will indeed cause serious negative effects on workers’ health and equipments, and will eventually lead to wider economic losses. For this reason, many factory owners today tend to equip oil mist collector in their machinery or at least inside their factories, thereby improving the working condition.

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