Multi Spindle Drilling Head


A multi spindle drilling head, or a multi spindle drill head, is an essential component for a variety of machines like a multi head drill or drill press that can perform a series of complicated drilling works on the work pieces. The term multi spindle indicates that the drilling process is undertaken using power driven by multiple spindles to increase the efficiency of drilling. This mechanism of the multi spindle drilling head helps shorten the cycle time as one of the many drilling machines that adopt multiple spindle drilling heads.

Multi Spindle Drilling Head

The drill head of a multi-spindle unit typically consists of more than one spindles that are installed on ball bearings which are driven by gears. The type of bearings you would use in the drill head is often determined by the distance between the spindles. For instance, when spindles are positioned closer to one another, roller thrust ball bearings are typically the ideal choice. The spindles are driven by induction motors, and a variable frequency drive dictates the speed of the spindles.

Multi spindle machines are mostly used in mass production due to the superior efficiency the multi spindle drill heads are able to offer during operation. Since they are also designed to drill multiple holes at a time, cycle time can be minimized as well. This in turn facilitates the productivity in a production line. And since holes of the same size can be drilled on machines of identical size, the holes are interchangeable. 

Additional Functions of Multi Spindle Drilling Head

Aside from the basic drilling function, units with multi spindle drilling heads are capable of milling tasks as well. The multiple spindle heads complemented by shanks and other components allow a machine tool (e.g., a lathe) to do way more than a basic unit could. This is why manufacturers across the globe have developed equipment that are capable of multiple tasks by incorporating a multiple spindle setup.

Attaching Multi Spindle Drilling Head
The multi spindle drill heads can be attached using one of the two ways: fixed or adjustable. For fixed drilling head, the center distance cannot be changed, whereas for adjustable drilling head, the cener distance of the drilling spindle can be adjusted based on your requirements.

Both of the attachment methods described above can increase the productivity of your operations. The time you need to drill a hole is equivalent to that of drilling multiple holes, which ensures both the efficiency and the accuracy of position of the holes.

Multi Spindle Lathes

Lathes with multi spindle setup is particularly ideal for mass production. In fact, it is said to be at least four times as efficient compared with the conventional lathe machine. Multi spindle lathes are also more accurate and time-saving. Furthermore, the automatic type multi spindle lathes are even capable of more operations, including turning, boring holes, chamfering grooving, threading as well as drilling. With the multi spindle setup, all of these tasks can be undertaken by moving the work piece between 6 to 8 positions in the machine, meaning that it can complete the designated tasks 5 times faster than a single spindle unit.  

Difference between Single Spindle and Multi Spindle

Productivity is the primary difference between a single spindle and multi spindle setup. In most cases, the level of efficiency is directly correlated with the number of spindles employed. This is why a machine with multiple spindle drill heads is often more productive because it typically has 6 main spindles whereas a single spindle unit is equipped with one spindled and a sub-spindle.  

Another key difference is the efficiency of energy. To elaborate, as opposed to a single spindle machine, a machine with multiple spindles will require less energy to achieve the same machining result. The lathes embody this idea perfectly: the more spindles a lathe has, the less energy is needed to achieve identical result as would a single spindle lathe.

Last but not least, contrary to popular belief, a multi spindle machine actually takes up less space compared to a single spindle machine. If your company has limited space for equipment, a multi spindle unit is still the way to go. 


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