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What is an inverter cooler?

An inverter cooler, also called an inverter air cooler, is a type of air coolers that utilizes the inverter technology to regulate the speed and the power consumption of the air cooler, in order to make the application of air cooler with higher efficiency and more effective on the costs.

An air cooler is a device that helps decrease the temperature of a dry indoor environment by absorbing and evaporating the heat from the air and dispersing the cool air into the atmosphere.

Compared to the air conditioner, the main purpose of an air cooler is to decrease the temperature of the air without other functions like regulating the humidity of the air, as the medium that the air cooler applies is the water.

Since to operate an air cooler requires driving the motors to cause the pump and fan to work inside the device, there would be electric power consumption. Although the electric power consumption of the air cooler must be less than that of the air conditioner, when it is necessary for the air cooler to work for a long time, the cost that is spent on the power consumption would still be significant.

Therefore, an inverter cooler is invented. The inverter is a device that has a variable-frequency drive for the air cooler, which means that the frequency that drives the components inside the air cooler would be adjusted automatically depending on the conditions of the environment that are detected by the air cooler.

For example, when the air cooler has been operating for a long time, and the temperature of the environment has been decreased, the required power of the air cooler would thus be lowered down. At that time, the inverter would play the role in control the power that is given to drive the pump and the fan, so as to prevent the excessive power from wasting.

In other words, with an inverter, the operation of the air cooler would be more stable, and the cost that is spent on the electricity can be reduced at the same time.

How does an inverter cooler form?

An inverter cooler is a movable device, since it is equipped with caster wheels at the bottom of the device. On the front of the device, there is a variable speed control knob that allows the user to adjust the speed, and a water level indicator that informs the user to refill the water reservoir inside.

In addition to the water tank, on the inside of the cooler, there is a cooling pad that provides a bed for the water to absorb the heat, a motor that drives the pump, which is used to deliver water, and the fan, which helps blow the cool air out.

What are the differences between an air cooler and an air conditioner?

The air cooler and the air conditioner are both applied for cooling the temperature of the indoor environments, while they are actually different things, and the differences between them can be seen in the compatible environments, the number of functions, the operation method, and the power consumption.

● Number of functions
The main function of the air cooler is to cool the air, while the air conditioner is capable of performing more functions instead. In addition to lowering the temperature of the air, the air conditioner can also provide heat and eliminate excessive moisture of the air to the atmosphere.

● Operation method
An air cooler is operated when the heat from the outside air is generated on the cooling pad, and the water that is stored in the reservoir would be provided by the pump. The water here would absorb and evaporate the heat in order to eliminate it from the air, and then the cool air would be sent to the atmosphere by the fan afterwards.

While the air conditioner is operated when the air is refrigerated and pushed out by the gases, which doesn’t require water to be the medium but is more possible to pollute the environment.

● Compatible environments
When it comes to the effectiveness of the air cooling devices for their applications, whether the environments are suitable for adopting them or not matters.

For the air cooler, since the purpose of this device is straightforward, which is to cool the air with water that absorbs the heat from the atmosphere, it is more suitable for the hot and dry environments.

As for the air conditioner, it helps get rid of the moisture of the air and utilizes pressurized gas as the medium to refrigerate and push the air that has been cooled back to the atmosphere, it would be rather applied in hot and humid environments.

● Power consumption
The power consumption, which refers to the electricity that should be used, of the air cooler would be much lesser than the air conditioner depending on the functions that are provided and the method that each of them applies.

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