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Petroleum is no doubt the most important fuel for humans these days. Almost every vehicle we know requires oil as a means to power them. For example, airplanes need oil to power the system, the cars need the gasoline to run, and the trucks require the kerosene to power the engine. Since the demand for the oil is high, people will continue to mine and drill the well for the petroleum. After the crude oil is extracted, they will be put into a huge barrel, and then be transported by the boat. However, accidents can happen sometime. The oil that leaks into the oil will cause severe catastrophe. In order to save the environment, we will need equipment to extract the oil from the water. Fortunately, such equipment has been invented, it is the oil skimmer. 

What Are Oil Skimmers?

As I mentioned earlier, the oil skimmer is a type of device which is designed to remove the floating oil on a liquid surface. Depending on the design, they can be used for different types of applications. For example, the oil skimmer can be used to deal with the oil spill response. The oil skimmer can also be used to remove the oil from the machine tool coolant and aqueous parts washers. It is also possible for the oil skimmer to be utilized in the food manufacturing industries for collecting the oils and greases in wastewater treatment. 

In the industrial applications, the oil skimmer is often utilized to remove the oils, grease and fats before engaging in further treatment for environmental discharge compliance. The situation such as the water stagnation, smell and unsightly surface scum can be greatly reduced by removing the top layer of oils. If the oil skimmer works alongside with the oily water treatment system, it can greatly improve the efficiency of oil separation for the oil skimmer. As the process of oil separation goes, it is inevitable for the oil skimmers to pick up a percentage of water with the oil. Therefore, it is vital that the oil skimmer will need to be decanted to obtain concentrated oil.

Different Types of Oil Skimmers

There are currently two main groups of oil skimmer, the oleophilic and the non-oleophilic: 

● Oleophilic skimmer:

Oleophilic skimmers utilized several devices such as a drum, disc, belt, rope or mop to help the function of the system. After the oil adheres to those devices, the oil is then wiped from the surface and gathered in a tank. 

● Belt oil skimmer:

Belt oil skimmers are the type of oil skimmer which are very reliable and economical when it comes to the removing of the floating oil over the surface. The belt oil skimmer does not consume a lot of electricity. They can remove all kinds of floating oil with great efficiency. For those liquids which have less gravity than water, such as the machine oil, kerosene, diesel oil, lubricating oil, and plant oil, they can all be skimmed out by the belt oil skimmer. 

● Drum oil skimmer:

Within the drum oil skimmers, there are one or more drums which are made from oleophilic material to help the system operate. The process goes as the drums start to rotate, then the oil adheres to the surface. Then the wiper blades of the drum oil skimmer will remove the oil from the drums and deposit it into the collection trough. The collected oil will then be pumped to a storage location. Drum oil skimmers are the type of oil skimmer which do not weigh very much and have a high oil recovery rate. The drum oil skimmers are often used in oil spill response and various industrial operations.

● Disc skimmer:

Within the disc oil skimmers, there is a disc which is constructed from PVC, steel or aluminum. The disc can either be smooth or grooved. The disc skimmer has the ability to recover high volumes of oil while using very little water. The disc oil skimmer can have either one of multiple discs. These discs will then be driven by power such as hydraulic, electric, diesel or air motors. 

● Weir skimmer:

Weir oil skimmers is the type of oil skimmer which operate in a way of letting the oil floating on the surface of the water to flow over a weir. There are two main types of weir oil skimmer, the manually adjusted type and the self-adjusted type. One of the downsides for the weir oil skimmer is that it will start to collect water if the oil is no longer present. This problem can be dealt with by equipping the weir oil skimmer with a device called automatic water drain.

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