Oil Skimmer Belt

What is an Oil Skimmer Belt?

Oil skimmer belts are devices designed for lifting and removing floating oil and grease from water surfaces or coolants. The belt-shaped skimming media can collect and carry the unwanted oil, then the oil and grease will be wiped clean. In addition to oil skimmer belts (also called belt skimmer), rope, disk, tube, or mop are also used as the skimming media in other skimmer devices.

What Are the Qualities of Oil Skimmer Belt?

Oil skimmer belts are reliable, effective and simple to use. The unwanted oil and grease can be easily removed from liquids and so the water is purified. It is convenient and cost-efficient to use the oil skimmer belt. This device alone is enough to achieve the high level of water purification.

Most industrial oil skimmer belts are made of stainless steel, which is suitable for harsh environments such as machinery production lines or chemical industries. Across the industry, oil skimmer belts can be utilized in ultrasonic cleaner, wastewater and treatment tanks, parts washers, sumps, wells, pressure spray operations, oil leakage pits or for handling other hot, acidic, alkaline liquids.

In these applications, oil skimmer belts only need very little water for operation and do not require pumps. In contrast, the weir style skimmers have to collect the oil with a pump.

Oil Skimming

The mixture of oil and water has two well-known physical properties, which is the specific gravity and surface tension and affinity. Although there are various designs and different applications, oil skimmers rely on these two properties: specific gravity, surface tension and affinity.

● Specific Gravity: As we all know, water has higher specific gravity than most hydrocarbons. In a mixture of oil and water, oil tends to separate from the water. Typically, due to the specific gravity, oil travels up to the surface, and the oil is called Light Non-Aqueous Phase Liquid.

● Surface Tension and Affinity: Generally, oil has very low affinity to water, which means that it tends to bond to other substances or itself. Both the surface tension of the oil and the low affinity helps the unwanted grease successfully adhere to the belt, the skimming medium.

How Does Oil Skimmer Belt Work? 

The basic structure of the oil skimmer belt includes the skimmer belt, which is the skimmer media, the wiper, the heater, the pulley.

In the system, water has low affinity to the skimming media. As the skimmer belt passes through the surface of the water or coolants, the unwanted floating oil easily clings to skimming media and separates from water due to the physical properties. After the oil removal, the grease will be wiped by pinch rollers or wiper blades. To consistently discharge the removed oil, a heater is required to ensure the driving force. In the case that the grease becomes solid clumps and mats, you will need extra parts to break up the grease. Some common choices include the aerator, the spray bar or mechanical apparatus.

Due to the principle that the belt has to pass through the surface of the fluids, most facilities also provide arms, flanges to clamp or bolt the skimmer belts, mounting them over the area where oil is collected. The skimmer belt rides on a pulley, which is motor driven and often secure with a retainer chain. All of the metal parts are made of stainless steel and have corrosion-resistance. Pulley is often coated with powder or other protection to lengthen the life.

It is sometimes a selective device or used in the first stage in the entire process. Belt skimmers can complete first-stage oil removal before applying more sophisticated and costly treatments. For example, devices involve chemical processes, the membrane filters, coalescers and so on.

Why Use an Oil Skimmer Belt?

Oil skimmer belt is basic but reliable oil removal devices, which cut the cost and provide the oil recovery rated gallons per hour. Many Belt skimmers are small and portable, and simple to install. It can constantly rotate around to attract and remove the oil from the surface of fluids, then allow the unwanted grease subsequently draining into the sump or tank. Moreover, it can resist corrosion and work in temperatures up to 50°C. It prevents oil contamination from occurring in many industries, including food processing, machining, automobile manufacturing and chemical industries. By using the oil skimmer, the manufacturers reduce cost of waste disposal, effectively lengthen the life of the coolants or other fluids.

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