Skimmer Tube

What is a skimmer tube?

A skimmer tube, also known as a tube oil skimmer, or a tube-type oil skimmer, is a device that is used to remove various kinds of oil or grease from water or other fluids where these substances exist but are not necessary to.

The tube of the skimmer tube is not a general tube that can be seen on the water supply system of a variety of applications. Instead, it is recognized as a free-floating oil collector tube, which is specially designed as the tube that collects oil as it floats on the fluids.

The reason why the oil skimmers are necessary equipment during operation can be derived from the applications that they are adopted for. In the industries where oil or grease may be produced as the manufacturing processes are ongoing, if the oil or grease stays on the surfaces of the water or other media, it may result in the malfunctioning of the machines, or influence the quality of the products.

No matter the large or small scale of the manufacturing processes, the cleaning or draining of oil or grease is an intricate thing that may take a lot of efforts to think about the most cost-effective and the least time-consuming way to handle this task. In other words, for the purpose of keeping the production smooth and making profits with it, it is necessary to look for the most efficient way to remove the excessive oil or grease from the water or other fluids.

In other cases, when there are industries that make profits from collecting the oil or grease, the task itself makes the requirement of the equipment that is able to efficiently remove these substances significant for these industries. 

In fact, what the above industries really need must be the oil skimmers. Designed as various forms with different media such as tubes, brushes, discs, ropes, or belts, these devices provide the simplest and the most convenient methods to get rid of the oil or grease that is not supposed to exist depending on the requirements of the related industries.

How does a skimmer tube form?

A skimmer tube is a practical mechanism with simple design, which can be easily installed and ensure the optimal performance once the components are perfectly fitted together. This device consists mainly of the tube, the rings, the pulley wheel, and the motor.

● Tube
As the above introduction has mentioned, the tube on the slimmer tube is not a general tube that is used for delivering water, for example. This tube is specially designed with the function of attracting the different kinds of oil or grease in order to achieve the removal of them.

There are two ports on the two ends of a tube. One is supposed to be placed on the surface of the water or other media, and the other is connected to the oil or grease collection system, which is used to store the oil or grease as they are removed through the other end of the tube.

In order to prevent the tube from tangling or twisting, there should be other components that are in charge of fixing the tube firmly during operation. The rings play the roles in this system. As the tube penetrates through the opening of the rings, it can be held in place, which facilitates the collecting of oil.

 Pulley wheel
The pulley wheel is used to allow the removed oil or grease to be drained away from the tube. When the skimmer tube is operated, the pulley wheel would rotate on an axle, which is a rod on the center of the wheel. With the turning of the pulley wheel, the tube that is hung around its edges can be lifted, and thus facilitates the oil or grease to be delivered to the collection system.

● Motor
The motor is arranged on the back of the pulley wheel, which provides the kinetic energy for the wheel to drive the tube when the skimming of oil or grease is processed.

What are the benefits of using a skimmer tube?

Reduces costs
In addition to the skimmer tube, there are other ways to drain the waste oil or grease, such as using the pumps. However, adopting a skimmer tube significantly reduces the costs for the manufacturers from many perspectives. First, the device itself is less expensive compared to others. Furthermore, as the water or other media of the fluids are always kept clean, the cost that may be spent on disobeying the regulations of wastewater can also be prevented.

● Improves operational efficiency
Once the water or other fluids are clean by means of the adoption of the skimmer tubes, the operation can go smoothly without the disturbance of the oil or grease, which improves the efficiency of the work.

● Increases profits
If the costs are reduced, and the efficiency is improved, the lifespan of the applied machines can be prolonged, the quality of the products can be ensured, and more profits can be made for the manufacturers in the long run. 

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