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Precision components of advanced machine tools are the most important parts of the high end machine tools industry when we are talking about the structure composition of machines with accurate performances in the manufacturing processes. For advanced components and parts such as rotary working tables and the high speed spinning spindles, there are details inside them that work the whole things and make difficult processing possible, such as the couplings, gears, spindle sleeves, locknuts, worm gears, bearing, etc. The present article will take a look at some of these components and see their main features and functionalities.

A coupling used in machine tool industry is a mechanical device that is used to connect two shafts together at their final ends for the purpose of transmitting power forces. The primary purpose of couplings is to conjoin two pieces of rotating pats and allowing some degrees of misalignment or end movement. With couplings, the power force can be effectively transmitted and the transmission itself would be accurate enough to process indexing works.

Gears are small parts that normally have several primary functions. The most important one is to increase the torque force from the driving source to the driven equipment, and in the case of machinery, they are usually the motors and the spindles. Gears can help reduce the speed generated by the motors and change the phase of the rotating shafts. 

For the spindle sleeves, there are adaptors available to permit the application of one kind of taper tooling on a machine with a different taper type, and simpler adaptors is consisted of an externally and internally tapered sleeve to allow a small tools to be used in a machine of larger bore space. A locknut is also called as a locking nut. It is a small device that resists the force of loosening under the vibrations and torque strengths. Here listed only a few components only and the whole component inventory covers hundreds and even thousands of parts inside the machine tools.

Processing Ideas in the Machine Tool Industry

When those components are well coordinated in the production process, there are some important concepts that need to be settled down together by the CNC program on the machines so that the whole processing procedure can be taken care of under a specific output level that reaches to the intended working standards. 

Parallelism: Parallelism is the status of being parallel to each other, and in the mechanical point of view, normal form or surface parallelism is a tolerance value that controls parallelism in between two surfaces or two features. The surface form is then managed similar to flatness with two parallel planes acting as its tolerance zone.

● Occlusal Surface: The term occlusal refers to the surface of the gears that is used for gearing. Overall, there are several surfaces to each gear and the occlusal surfaces need to be designed at the very beginning.

● Indexing Accuracy: Indexing accuracy refers to precision motion of moving into a new position or location quickly and easily but also precisely. When workers are indexing a machine part, its new location is known to be act within a few hundredths of a millimeter or even to within a few thousandths of a millimeter values.

● Gear Contact Rates: Gears are ground separately and there are no 100% identical gear tooth but only acceptable tolerances within the targeted standard. So how to maintain gears within controlled accuracy is an issue that would eventually determines the driving force of the corresponding devices.

● Repeatability: Repeatability is the proximity of the agreement between the outputs of continual measurements of the same measured results carried out under the same conditions.

Famous OEM Thread Grinding Services in Taiwan

Thread grinding is an art as well as an important key to the door of precision machining process. There are professional Taiwanese based precision machining suppliers who can support OEM and ODM thread grinding services for global customers in the field of machine tool spindles, machine tool parts, mold & die threads, screw threads, and other thread types.

All these high level precision thread grinding processes need to be carried out under standardized statistical process control (SPC) protocol, so the procedure would integrate all the precious data collected from the lab devices such as hardness testing machines, vision measuring systems, surface roughness testers, and three dimensional coordinate measuring machines.

Many famous mechanical innovations from Taiwan are well known in the world market, such as the product Axial Force Sensor which can do a lot to the working process with its force sensing capacity. The supplier of this product also uses this technology to keep close tabs on the product quality surveillance, and their Force Calibration Lab has obtained a TAF certificate in the year 2015, which makes their engineering strength even more powerful as it abides by the strict international standards.

Taiwan’s OEM and ODM machine tool parts services not only serve the domestic market but also the international markets all over the world across industrial sectors, and these efforts are based on scientific studies and profound experiences.

Integrated Supply Chains

The main reasons why Taiwan’s machine tool industry can do a lot of things that their competitors cannot are because of the integrated governmental and private companies’ manufacturing strengths in the domestic industrial ecology. Suppliers from upstream to the downstream are systematically integrated and work freely with each other, creating the maximum values for the markets as well as their global customers. Such efforts are highly appraised by users from different sectors and this successful model improves as it always does in the industry.

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