Auto Parts Guide

Many workpieces and processing materials made by machine tools are used in a series of automotive industries. These parts and components are often refered as auto parts or auto components, such as car parts and some other precision auto parts. The demand for auto parts varies from company to company because the manufacture of cars and vehicles varies from brand to brand. The actual standards and values ​​are always complicated in different area since the automotive units must match to local certificates and other corresponding issues.

Forming and Auto Parts

In the production of parts, the wheel rim production line requires complicated pressing processes due to the design of automobile wheels. To produce only one type of rim requires a long production line. However, manufacturers are facing the need to produce various rim products within the demanded period of time. They come up with an automation system that can accelerate the operation of hydraulic pressing manufacturing in the manufacturing site. As a result, the correlation between forming machines and automation systems are getting more and more intimate nowadays. On the other hand, servo presses, mechanical presses, and hydraulic presses are also widely used, each of them represents different mechanical advantages and features.

Besides the press forming, bending is also important. In the metal forming industry, pipe benders and tube benders are two main categories, and they are also professional production models of Taiwanese manufacturers. Taiwan suppliers provide a variety of pipe bending machines, such as NC pipe bender, general-purpose pipe benders, pipe rolling bending machines, twin-head double bending machines, and tube end forming machines and CNC pipe bending machines. The applications include furniture industry, automobile industry, sanitary equipment, and fitness equipment, and among many applications, automotive application is one of the most profitable applications. It creates huge profits for business owners, especially parts manufacturers and blueprint engineering services. Therefore, metal forming is a very productive automobile industry which relies heavily on the consumption from the end of automotive industry.

EDM and Auto Parts

In the cutting stage, EDM is a very common metal cutting technology today, used by metal processing insiders to cut hard and complex materials. It is most widely used by mold making, tool making and die making industries. In addition, it has become a common method for manufacturing prototypes and production parts for pioneering programs, especially in the aerospace, automotive, and electronics industries where production is relatively low, so it is a well accepted technology. For die sinking EDM, which is handful for parts manufacturing. People's understanding of EDM processing is mainly due to the fact that its wire characteristics are completely different from other metal cutting machines in the market, but there are other methods in the EDM series that are processed by other means instead of using wires. One of it is the die sinking EDM method. About its history, let’s go back to 1943 before the end of the Second World War. Two Russian scientists (B. R. Lazarenko and N. I. Lazarenko) were assigned to investigate the methods of preventing the erosion of tungsten electrical contacts due to the sparking effects.

Contrary to die sinking, drilling EDM is another thing. The drilling process made by conventional drilling tools may cause many chip issues and overheating problems, which are always the key issues that obstacles the required accuracy and quality. Therefore, in the 1040s, industry insiders started to study the application of other methods to achieve this goal, and EDM is the solution to satisfy them. Electrical discharge machining (EDM) is also well known as spark machining, spark eroding, burning, die sinking, wire burning, or wire erosion, which is caused by industrial workers and people in different nations may have their own preferences for workpieces and quality. In addition, it has now become a regular method for prototypes and production parts for pioneering programs, especially in the aerospace, automobile and electronics industries.

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