Medical Parts

The construction of medical parts, medical equipment parts, is complicated and difficult, because many precision medical components are designed with specific purposes, and their composition requires many professional protocol and safety concern. That is why medical parts are not only a metal working issue, but also other professions concerned.

Medical Components and Parts

There are many parts and components in the medical industry regarding medical parts. In this article, we only illustrate some and discuss for further topics. These are filters, valves, pumps, micro pumps, micro motors, sensors, switches, connectors, converters, pressure controllers, modules, handles, locks, door closers, wheels, etc. Many of them are casted and then machined, bent or formed for further usages, and the process to involve machine tools in a large extent, such as turning machines, milling centers, machining centers, etc. Now, we will introduce some popular machine tools, which are widely used in various kinds of metal working processing with versatility.

Turning Process

A CNC turning center is also called a CNC turning machine, which is a machine tool that rotates a workpiece on a rotating axis to perform various machining operations, such as cutting, knurling, sanding, drilling, deformation, facing, and turning. These processing are performed by tools applied to the work piece and to create an object with symmetry with the axis which is driven by the primary spindle. Under normal circumstances, lathes are divided into two main types according to the way the workpiece is clamped. These are vertical lathes and horizontal counterparts. For the former, the workpiece is clamped vertically, so the cutting tool is installed in the same direction to perform the machining vertically. Compared with the horizontal method, the clamping in this way is more stern and fixed due to the gravity effect, and the manufacturers of vertical lathes usually turn the vertical lathe into high-quality production equipment for users who pursue high precision in various processing industries, such as medical industry, automotive application, aerospace sector, sport equipment application, and other fields.

Turning and Milling Integrated

By combining the two processing functions, it is even possible to expand the processing angle and shape for medical purposes. To be precise, turn mill and mill turn are slightly different from the structure in some aspects. This is rooted in the structure rather than the functional stage, because today's machine tools are designed to perform overlapping tasks under the concept of versatility. The turn mill is actually an essential machining center for turning, but the latter functionality is recognized as an attached function, not the main feature or the major advantages. In other words, CNC turn mill machines are basically derived from the concept of machining centers. The term "machining center" can be used to describe various CNC (computer numerical control) drilling and milling machines, which are equipped with some key but sometimes optional accessories that are equipped with the body itself, such as tool magazine, ATC (automatic tool changer), power tool turret, CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine), multi-axis working tables, etc. Sometimes people will realize that a machine with turning and milling functions can be called a machining center, but there are some concerns. This is not a general concept due to many other mechanical problems and concerns. In addition to these machine models, there are many other machine models and working methods involved in the construction of medical equipment parts and components, so we can say that this sector is quite complex and advanced today.

Smart Processing

The medical field is very extensive and covers our life in every detail. It is important to have this sector to be well taken care of with the best processing machines. Nowadays, experts in the metal working industry work with many excellent and experienced people to make this work improved and hence help us to live better with the advanced services not only due to the improvement in the metal working industry, but also in all the other relevant fields.

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