Cast Iron Frames

What Are Cast Iron Frames?

Cast iron frames can be referred to as the structural part of products that is made of cast iron. For example, when people talk about cast iron frames, they can be talking about the cast iron picture frames or bed frames. They may also be talking about the cast iron piano frame. There is also a chance they are talking about certain parts on a vehicle. There is genuinely a wide range of application when it comes to cast iron.

What Is Cast Iron?

Cast iron can be referred to as a series of iron-based alloys. The main compositions of cast iron are iron, carbon, and silicon. There is also a small amount of sulfur, manganese, and phosphorus in a piece of cast iron. Carbon takes up about two to five percent of the content in cast iron. Cast iron is made by melting iron ore and then mixing the metal liquid with other alloys. After that, the metal liquid mixture will be poured into molds and rest for a given period of time so that it can cool down and solidify. This process is called casting. To manufacture cast iron frames, the liquid mixture will be poured into the molds that have the configuration of the frames. When the liquid cools down, the frame is formed.

Characteristics of Cast Iron

The key characteristics that cast iron has are its brittleness and non-malleability. Cast iron products cannot be bent, stretched, or formed into another shape when the end product is made. When too much pressure or force is exerted onto a piece of cast iron, it fractures. Cast iron is weak in tension as well. However, it is preferred when making certain types of product because it is easy to cast. It can be used to make products with complex shapes or configurations such as cast iron frames; plus it comes with a relatively low cost.

It is true that a piece of cast iron is brittle and non-malleable when the end products are manufactured. Yet, the characteristics of cast iron can be changed by simply adjusting the composition of it. The features of the material change based on the metals that are mixed into the liquid when casting. As a result, some types of cast iron can be more malleable and flexible. The products made of cast iron are easy to machine. They are wear resistant, corrosion resistant and capable of withstanding vibration and compression.

Types of Cast Iron

The characteristics of cast iron can be altered by adding particular metal components into the liquid mixture when casting. Based on the metals that are added into the casting process, the cast iron can possess different properties to meet the actual needs of the end application. The main types of cast iron include gray cast iron, ductile cast iron, white cast iron, malleable cast iron.

Ductile Cast Iron

The ductile cast iron is also known as nodular cast iron or graphite cast iron due to the graphite that is added into the making of it. The ductile cast iron shares similar properties with malleable cast iron but they are different by means of the way they are made. The making of ductile cast iron does not include heat treatment. The ductile cast iron is used primarily when making components for infrastructural applications such as water pipes or automotive applications such as brakes, valves or suspensions.

Malleable Cast Iron

Malleable cast iron has less ductility comparing to ductile cast iron. However, it has more physical strength and rigidness. Due to the given malleability, malleable cast iron can be bent or stretched to certain extent without fracturing. Malleable cast iron comes from processing white cast iron with heat treatment. It is used primarily in making automotive components as well as agricultural appliances.

White Cast Iron

Iron carbide is one of the key components in white cast iron instead of graphite. Comparing to gray cast iron, white cast iron has a lower content of silicon. The products made of white cast iron have high physical strength and excellent wear resistance but are extremely brittle. They cannot be easily machined. Due to the rigidness, white cast iron is used in making abrasion resistant parts such as pumps, mills, nozzles or flanges.

Gray Cast Iron

Gray cast iron is also known as gray iron because it has a dark gray fracture color. There is graphite and silicon in gray iron. Gray cast iron is considered the most common form of cast iron and is used when high stiffness, vibration dampening and thermal conductivity are required. They are used to make engine cylinder blocks, gearbox cases, or cast iron frames for automotive parts.

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