Flat Bars

Overview of Flat Bar

Flat bars, also known as the rectangular bars, are a long and rectangular shaped metal bars which are used in a wide array of architectural and structural applications. Flat bars are typically made of stainless steel and aluminum (i.e., steel flat bar and aluminum flat bar), as well as a variety of other metals, used for different applications. For instance, hot rolled flat bar can be used in applications where tolerances and shapes are not required.

Steel flat bars, on the other hand, are most used for framework because of its sleek and flat structure. In fact, steel made flat bars are so versatile that they can be used for smaller framework to larger scale constructions. It holds a great part practically everywhere. Besides steel flat bars, steel rods or steel angles are often utilized alongside flat bars for different application.

Types of Flat Bars

Flat bars can commonly be divided into three categories: true bar, edged flat bar and gauered bar:

● True Bar:
This type of flat bar is essential a steel bar rolled on the thickness and width upon sheared from the plate. The resulting of such process creates an identical finish on all sides of the material.

● Edged Flat Bar:
This is also known as the sheared flat bar, which is the most widely used flat bar. This type of flat bar is created by cutting processed stainless steel plates to the intended size. It is then straightened and flattened as the edges are milled. Unlike true bars, the cut sides of the material will have slightly different finish than the rest of the bar.

● Gauered Bar:
This type of flat bar is simply referred to as the gauer bar sometimes, which gets its name by the process of passing through a machine called gauer. During the process, the flat bar straightened with the edges deburred using the gauer.

Application of Flat Bars

As a matter of fact, we cannot live in a world without flat bars as we would be living in a place that is industrially underdeveloped. These thin, flat products are practically the cornerstone of all types of construction that are both versatile and cost-effective. Here is why they have been and will always be one of the most prevalent construction products in relation to the intended applications:

● Frame Construction:
Flat bars, especially those made from steel, make up the majority of building frames. In fact, you’ll find that mild steel which is drilled, welded and easily cut often play a significant role in all types of frame constructions. Flat bars can come as pre-fabricated or ready-made, but in most cases, a good deal of work is already done prior to moving these materials to the construction site. This saves a lot of time for frame construction, both small and large scaled. Frame construction using flat bars is fundamentally accomplished by applying the joint technique – bolting and riveting. This means that the flat bars can be worked to become any favored shape using any desired material.

● Home Appliances:
You may not have paid much attention to small home appliances, like the latches that hold your overhead doors together. In fact, the seemingly insignificant components of appliances like refrigerators, freezers, microwaves, washing and drying machines are all made from parts of the metal bars that grants the needed support and strength. These metals have undergone comprehensive coatings and surface treatments to make sure that your appliances are both reliable and safe, being able to last for years to come.

● Major Build Construction:
Flat bars, especially the steel flat bats, are often the cornerstone of all large-scale building construction projects. As the fundamentals of a building structure, flat bars ensure the robustness and safety of the construction. They are also very useful in the event of a construction overhaul, where parts of the structure need to be replaced, reinforced and created. In fact, flat bars made of mild steel are very versatile with special respect to rebuilding project thanks to the extra level of recycling potential.

● Renewable Energy:
Flat bars are also a popular material used across energy industry. As more emphasis and awareness are placed on utilizing environmentally-friendly power, flat bars made of earth friendly materials have become more popular than ever. As a matter of fact, steel flat bars have been widely used to as the foundation within power tower structures nowadays, with the concrete-reinforcing flat bars being used as the foundation for turbines.

● Industrial Artwork:
While this is definitely the more “niche” use, flat bars of various materials have been carefully chosen for industrial artwork. In this scenario, flat bars act as the foundation for highly intricate sculpture pieces by many industrial artists and craftsmen, making them extremely useful for any interior artist’s palette. Flat bars in this case are malleable to shape and become extremely sturdy once constructed.

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