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Metal Stamping for Automotive Needs

Metal stamping is a manufacturing process that can quickly and cleanly produce solid, metal stamping parts. This process utilizes dies to press metal sheets into the desired form. Automotive manufacturers utilize metal stamping to a very large extent for a broad range of stamping parts like fenders and hub caps because the dies can be used repeatedly to produce consistently sized and shaped parts from sheet metal based on the required specifications and tolerances.

Metal stamping is an essential process for creating a wide range of parts in the automotive field. The reason is because metal stamping is cost-effective, material efficient, and has a high degree of automation. In this article, we’ll review some of the common materials used to make stamping parts in the automotive industries, as well as the kind of auto components that can be made from the renowned metal stamping process.

Common Materials for Automotive Metal Stamping 

Stamping parts of automobiles can be made from various metals using metal stamping presses and dies. Some of the key metals used in stamped automotive parts include steel, aluminum and copper, each of which possesses unique attributes for distinct applications.

Aluminum: Aluminum is used for automotive parts that require aesthetics and detail because of its lightweight and slightly nature. Many automotive manufacturers form alloys with aluminum and other metals to make it stronger and more durable as well.

Copper: This type of metal is also largely used to make automotive parts through stamping because of its corrosion resistance nature. The metal is ductile, affordable, and has an appealing finish. This type of metal is also used by those who place a higher value on environmental sustainability because it can be recycled and reused easily. 

Stainless Steel: Stainless steel is another commonly used material for metal stamping in the automotive industry because of its corrosion and rust resistance, attributed to the fact that it is made up of at least 11% chromium. This type of metal is known for its superb durability and the lustrous, attractive surface. 

Steel and Steel Alloys: There are many types of steel alloys, such as high strength steel, mild steel, and specialized steel, all of which can be used to create steel alloy of various varieties for durable automotive parts.


Automotive Parts from Metal Stamping 

A substantial amount of automotive parts undergoes metal stamping. In this section, we’ll outline some of the most common metal stamped parts in the automotive industry.

Airbag System: Stamping parts are supplied for a vehicle’s safety system including those used for passenger side, driver side, and side impact airbag components as well as initiators and pretensioners. Some of the key stamping parts for the airbag system include the inflators, initiators, modules and diffusers.

Brake System: The brake system also capitalizes on the metal stamping process. Some of the key metal stamped components of the brake system include the foundation brakes, parking brakes, brake modules, anti-lock brake systems, mounting isolators, covers, caps, etc. 

Cooling System: The cooling system is typically made up of parts that are made from steel which have high tolerance to temperature, and in turn translate to better cycle time in the cooling system. Some of the key stamped components of a vehicle’s cooling system include fittings, housings, shells, flanges, thermostats, etc. 

Emission Control System: Many of the components of the emission (or pollution) control system also undergo the metal stamping process. Some of the key stamped parts include the oxygen sensors, EGR, oxygen sensor wire harnesses, urea injection, shields, etc. 

Fuel Delivery System: The fuel system of a vehicle has a complicated configuration consisting of a variety of components. Some of the key stamped parts of the fuel delivery system include the fuel rail, injector cups, caps, housings, shells, direct injection fuel pump fittings, etc. 

Transmission: The components of the transmission system in a vehicle require precision metal stamping. Some of the key stamped parts include the valve bodies, valve inlets, valve seals, rotary valves, bonded piston stampings, etc. 

Other Components: Other components of a vehicle, such as the lighting and motor support, all include parts that undergo metal stamping process. Some of these parts include bayonet sockets, reflectors, motor housings, armatures, core tubes, sensor housings, etc. 

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