Booster Pump Guide

What Is a Water Booster Pump?

A booster pump is essentially a device that provides a “boost” to the water pressure. By increasing the pressure of the water, the flow increases as well. The booster pump can also be used for other types of fluids or gases, and the construction tends to vary depending on the type of fluid intended. When used to increase gas pressure, gas cylinders are charged to transfer high-pressure gas. These water booster pumps are typically seen in tall buildings and at locations where the water pressure is low or fluctuates. Have you ever noticed that the shower in a hotel is usually powerful and consistent? That is thanks to the use of a booster pump to enhance the pressure to make your shower experience as enjoyable as possible.

What Is the Construction and Function of Booster Pump?

Booster pumps are essentially an electrically driven centrifugal pump with a non-return valve. Commercial models however may differ. The pumps typically function as a constant water booster at a fixed speed and switch on when the pressure drops below the preset low-pressure point, and switch off when the pressure goes beyond the high-pressure point. You may also come across variable speed pumps where a constant output pressure is maintained, which is achieved by utilizing pressure feedback to control motor speed electronically.

When Do You Need a Booster Pump?

High water pressure is always needed for various reasons from both a household and commercial perspective. And one way to achieve this is through the use of a booster pump. There is a blend of variables that could affect water pressure, such as the elevation of the premise, the height of the water reservoir, the density of the premise, as well as the rate at which water is consumed within the premise, all of which can be a potential factor to low water pressure.

While there are other methods the remedy the issue of low water pressure, buying a water pressure booster pump is usually the way to go. When experiencing low water pressure, using a pump is the most effective and quickest way to increase fluid pressure in the system. The pressure tank not only stores water but also maintains the pressure within a certain range so that your booster pump will not be constantly turning on and off every time you take a shower or flush the toilet. Some might need a booster pump for simple, residential use, while others rely on one to run their businesses, factories, or farms.

Two-Stage Booster Pumps

A two-stage configuration is a popular booster pump design. With regard to the power source, a two-stage booster pump can be driven by an electric motor, a hydraulic system, low-pressure or high-pressure air, or even operated manually by a lever system. 

Today, these systems powered by compressed air are usually linear actuation systems in which a pneumatic cylinder directly drives the compression piston in a housing, which is separated by a sealing unit. The high-pressure pneumatic drive can use the same pressure as the output pressure to drive the piston, while the low-pressure drive will use a larger diameter piston to multiply the applied force. In terms of their use, they are mainly used for commercial applications such as water heater pressurization, high-rise low water pressure, sauna, bathroom pressurization, insufficient pressure on the top of the apartment, solar automatic pressure increase, reverse osmosis water purifier pressure increase, etc.

Commercial Uses for Booster Pumps

Booster pumps for commercial uses are widely seen in industrial applications, such as pumping water from wells, aquarium filtration work, pond filtration tasks, water cooling in the automotive industry, fuel injection in the energy industry, pumping oil, and natural gas, or for operating cooling towers. 
In the machine tool industry, booster pumps are used to move cutting fluids, coolants, etc. And in the medical field, booster pumps are used in the process of developing and manufacturing drugs, and can even be used as artificial substitutes for human body parts, especially artificial hearts and penile prostheses. 

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