Electronic Pump Guide

Electronic utility pumps are multi-functional pumps. Applications include both daily home use and occasional use. Typical applications include removing stagnant water from basement floors or construction sites, draining aquariums and waterbeds.

How far will you go on water?
Pump heads are sometimes called total dynamic head height or simply "lifting height", the vertical distance you move can be zero, up to about 25 ". Check the horizontal axis of the performance graph associated with each pump to make sure it moves the water to the required vertical distance.

How much power (HP) do you need?
In general, the more horsepower the better. The efficiency of an electric pump depends on how high and how fast you want to pump water.

Application of Municipal Pumps

Municipal pumps are the most versatile water pumps and are used for various works in the home. Empty clogged sinks, drain excess rainwater from stairs and window wells, remove stagnant water from your yard or flooded basement, empty the hot tub.

Remove condensate: Excess pump condensate generated by the heating and ventilation system. If applicable, go to the section on submersible municipal pumps.

Increasing water pressure: For difficult cleaning tasks at home, use a transfer pump attached to a garden hose to create pressure. Ideal for washing cars, cleaning driveways, decks, etc.

Handling large amounts of water: Gas driven pumps, also known as semi-waste or transfer pumps, are ideal for large tasks. Drain the construction site, use one as a helping hand on the farm or keep at hand in the event of a flood. If applicable, go to the gas-operated pump section.

Things to Consider

Is there debris in the water?
If you are removing water that contains small impurities, you may need a communal pump with a vortex impeller, such as ¼ HP pumps Portable Thermoplastic municipal pump.

The pumps should be placed on a horizontal, solid foundation. To properly prime the utility pump, immerse it in at least two centimeters of water and keep the inlet screen away from dirt. Connect the drain pipe or garden hose to the product. After completing all connections and routing the drainage pipe / hose from the pump, connect the pump to a power source and turn it on.

Do you leave the pump unattended?
Electronic pumps and municipal pumps with on and off water detection switches are ideal for areas requiring continuous emptying, such as creep spaces, window wells and flat areas on yards. Manual municipal pumps should not be left unattended. Pump Auto Utility ON / OFF pump has a special switching technology that automatically turns on / off the water when it detects water.

Top or Side Discharge:
Why choose one with the upper drain is ideal for tight spaces where water removal is needed: whirlpool tubs, washing tubs, window wells, buckets, tubs etc. The side drain is ideal for easy removal of water from flat open surfaces: flat roofs, flooded basements, standing water in the yard, shower cabins etc.

Installation Tips

Gasoline driven pumps
Powerful pumps that run 2-4 times more water than an electric municipal pump. These pumps are ideally suited for commercial water-related works, working where electricity may not be available. Gasoline driven pumps require larger, reinforced inlet and outlet hoses and pass small solid particles.

Place the pump near the pumped liquid. Lightly attach the suction hose and fitting. Drain hose included. The suction hoses must be reinforced with a hose or rigid pipe. Add a non-return valve to the suction line to maintain self-priming capacity. Use a suction pump if you are pumping abrasive. All pipes and hoses should be as short and straight as possible. Fill the engine crankcase with the recommended type of oil. Fill the engine's fuel tank with the recommended petrol grade. Add water to the pump priming port until it is about 3 inches from the top. Install the priming cap and start the engine.

Transfer pumps
Electric or gas powered transfer pumps transfer water from one place to another.

Before leaving the store, make sure you have a foot valve to filter the impurities before entering the pump. The pump should be placed on a solid, horizontal foundation. Attach the suction house and discharge pipe to the pump body.

Submersible Pumps
Submersible municipal pumps mean screwing the discharge hose, dropping it, pump style. Extremely versatile and no real installation required. Submersible pumps are designed to be completely submerged in the water removed, from puddles to gallons.

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