Punch Grinder

A Punch grinder is a tool that can be placed on the surface of the grinder for punching holes. It can automatically perform cylindrical grinding and improve stamping efficiency. It uses screw pressure to firmly clamp the heavy-duty grinder, ensuring that each punching tool has mechanical wear, and each punch of the punch will shorten its service life.

Punch Grinder Considerations

When it comes to a punch grinder, many different production factors can shorten the life of the tool, such as the quality of the metal, the thick plate that is punched, the use of force, and hole size close to the machine's possible limit, thinness, and so on. Also, worn tools are the reason for the increase of burrs on the parts behind the punch, and increase the necessary force, and affect the service life of the entire machine.

In this case, each operator and user of a punch grinder should verify and re-dress the punching tool in time to save quality and maximum service life. Delayed re-grinding results in the need to remove more material, in this case reducing the possible re-grinding cycles of a tool. The roller can be used to adjust the workpiece before grinding.

Standard features of punch grinder

Punch grinders are ideal supplements for the turret and punch batteries. Battery tool maintenance can be performed with 110V or 220V single-phase power supply. Standard machine features include durable cast iron structure, a rigid cylinder with dovetail groove, manual feed handwheel, usually 1.5 horsepower motor, three-jaw chuck fixing system, vertical spindle turntable grinding action for roof punching Optional angle fixation of the head, and optional center-mounted magnetic chuck for small and irregular shaped tools.

The punch grinder has a cast-iron structure, which not only improves durability and long-term accuracy. The partially enclosed grinding work area can improve the safety of cleaning operators and improve the performance of new machines year by year. The manual feed manual grinder allows the operator to grind easily and accurately. Punch grinders often have a 1.5 horsepower motor, which is ideal for sharpening iron merc tooling, rooftop punches, and progressive dies as well as rewriting die set.

Usually, a punch grinder includes a standard three-jaw chuck fixture with an optional angling fixture for rooftop punches and an optional Center mount magnetic Chuck for small and irregular shape tools. Electrical requirements should include 120 volts 60 Hertz three-phase. The accuracy of a standard punch grinder roller is usually within 0.005mm. It can grind punches of outside diameter from 1.5 to 25mm, the extended grinding length is within 5-35mm.

Advantages of a Punch Grinder

The use of punching machines can improve labor efficiency, thereby reducing downtime and waiting time, thereby increasing productivity. Also, with the help of a punching machine, the cost of changing tools can be almost cut in half. You can also reduce or even eliminate the need for deburring operations, which makes individual processing units cheaper. Finally, with a punch grinder, you can also get a relatively short payback period. So, what's not to like about a punch grinder?

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