Motor Punch Grinder

What is Motor Punch Grinder?

A motor punch grinder is an auxiliary accessory of machine tools that are used to put on the surface of a grinding machine for grinding round punches. It is also called an electric punch grinding machine. With motor driving, the devices can do automatic cylindrical grinding.

The motor punch grinders can be utilized for round punch grinding applications with high-precision work. They are responsible for removing little metal in high accuracy or high volumes of metal at a high speed. Grinding is a diverse machining field that applies to manufacture products that require high surface quality, high precision of shape and dimension. Generally, motor punch grinders and all types of grinding machines use an abrasive wheel as the cutting tool to remove the materials.

How Does Motor Punch Grinder Work?

The basic structure of a motor punch grinder consists of several essential components, including the abrasive wheel/roller, the pressure axis, the concentricity gages, the sinusoidal magnetic table, and the motor and drives. After mounting the motor punch grinder on the plate of the grinding machine, it is necessary to use a dial indicator to calibrate and inspect the parallelism.

Concentricity Gages

The concentricity gauge is mounted on rollers, designed for inspection tasks on external, internal, and flat surfaces in rotation. Two or more diameters can be inspected simultaneously. It can also be used to perform run-out measurements.

Sinusoidal Magnetic Table

A sinusoidal magnetic table, or sine plate, is used to apply with the motor punch grinder for precise grinding with non-parallel surfaces. Various angles can be set and created by the incorporation of the sine table and the grinding rollers.

Abrasive Wheel/ Roller

Typically, wheels or double rows of rollers are used in a motor punch grinder for removing the metal. To begin a grinding task, the operator has to set the round punch in between the rollers and the pressure axis and adjust the punch, allowing the bearings to touch the bottom of the punch at the center position.


The drive harnesses and controls the electrical energy sent to the motor. The incorporation of motors and drives can reduce time and save energy for the operators when machining a high volume of punches.

Why Use a Motor Punch Grinder?

Compared to a manual punch grinder, the motor punch grinder is driven by a motor and able to avoid hand fatigue. When removing the metal and creating round punches with low surface roughness, the double roller design not only provides high accuracy but also eliminates the need for the correction for possible misalignment. The high punch grinding can reach precision close to 0.008 mm, removing little metal from the surface to create a unique round punch profile.

Introduction to Punch

A punch is also known as a punch pin, a male mold, or an upper mold. It is a part of the mold which is used to shape the inner surface of the product. In other words, the manufactured parts have the surface profile in accordance with the configuration of the punch. Normally, the punch can be replaced according to the exact requirements; yet, it can be directly fixed on the upper die base for a sole task too.

Sometimes, manufacturers also used the punch as a quick-release inlay. Replaceable fixed punches are mainly used in large dies where the small punches are particularly prone to wear. Since these punches are easily damaged, they need to be replaced frequently. The use of replaceable punches is easy since there is no need to dismantle the entire settings just to change the mold. Such a manner can reduce maintenance intervals immensely.

Round punches can be divided into “A” punches and "T" punches. T punches are generally used for larger punching holes, while A punches are a modified version of T punches. Punches are used for smaller punching positions. Punching needles with large diameters are generally assembled into a stepped-shaped structure. In general, small and medium-sized punches are mostly fixed in the form of riveting joints. Especially when there is little distance between the two. The stepped structure leads to the interference between round punches, in contrast, the riveting joint structure will be more stable.

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