Mini Mill Rotary Table

What is a Mini Mill Rotary Table?

A Mini mill rotary table is a versatile device in metalworking that enables the operator to rotate and mill the particular object with high precision. Small rotary tables are critical accessories for milling machines to improve accuracy and precision at all times. It helps produce bolt circles, polygons, gears, and so on.

How Does a Mini Mill Rotary Table Work?

The handwheel, control knob, or the handle of a mini mill rotary table provides input to the device. When the operator turns the handwheel, the worm gear, as well as the mating gear mounted beneath the table surface, rotates simultaneously. Then the worm gears cause the precise rotations of the mini rotary table when every part of the device is accurately calibrated in degrees.

The chuck holds the target object and a dial indicator mounted with the spindle is helpful and effective to make sure the chuck is centered. After mounting the chuck with bolts and T-nuts and checking if the chuck is centered, the operator can clamp the project on the table.

If the operators happen to have bigger pieces that the chucks with inside jaws cannot hold, they should consider using the chucks with outside jaws. With the help of a mini mill rotary table, the operator can get the positioned target rotated and milled accurately around a bolt circle.

The Versatility of Mini Mill Rotary Table

Mini mill rotary tables are versatile, they can be used for different purposes with some adjustments. 
● Most of the mini mill rotary tables can be installed both vertically and horizontally for unlimited milling applications. For example, you can mount the rotary table on the side vertically and make the mill cut horizontally with a slitting saw. The operator can freely adjust and decide the position of the target. 
● The operator can change the custom blade or slit saw to make the exact profile of the gears.
● Having the dividing plates can even give more choice of the numbers of divisions in a circle and increase the capabilities of the rotary table.
● The operator can also choose to bolt the target directly to the face of the rotary table with clamps.

Mini Milling Machine & Mini Mill Rotary Table

A Mini Milling machine is a miniature example of a vertical milling machine that has the spindle oriented vertically. There are also types of milling machines used in industry where the spindle is horizontally oriented, but most of the mills nowadays in industrial applications are vertically mounted. Typically, large milling machines weigh a ton or more and stand six to eight feet tall.

By contrast, the nice size of mini rotary tables can position work conveniently so that all the milling operations can be made in the best position, flat or horizontal-vertical for example. The size of these small rotary tables is not only helpful for manipulators to adjust and meet their needs, but also ideal for the home workshop. The price is within the budget of many home hobbyists, but at the same time, you can complete a great deal of work with this device.

The Dividing Plate

Mounting a dividing plate allows the manipulators to divide the circle into a number of divisions accurately. It is simple to use, and the manipulators can have different amounts of holes in a pattern while using the same mini mill rotary table. The milling applications are nearly unlimited.

Here are the steps to install and use the dividing plates on the mini rotary tables:
● The dividing plate can take the place of the handwheel, so remove the handwheel first.
● Slide the plate onto the shaft and attach it with screws.
● Slide the two-sector arms(divider) onto the plate if you need extra holes to divide the circle. Adding a clip would be helpful for the sector arms to stay still.
● Install the handle and calibrate its position to match the hole on the plate.
● Mount the washer and nut back on the end of the shaft.
● Calculate how many turns of the crank handle are needed to advance a certain number of degrees between divisions.
● Rotate the handle with the required full turns (and extra holes).
● Advance the handle then rotate the two-sector arms to the next starting position.

Finding the Mini Mill Rotary Table of the right size

A mini rotary table with  4" (100 mm) or 6" of diameter would be ideal for your mini milling machine. The sizing depends on the projects and applications the machine is going to carry out. It is recommended to buy a rotary table that suits your milling machine and make larger supplementary plates for it.

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