Roller Cam Rotary Table

Introduction of Roller Cam Rotary Table

Roller cam rotary table, which is called roller gear cam rotary table, is designed for eliminating the blind angles during the machining progressions like other kinds of rotary tables. Through its function, the machine would be allowed to elaborate its maximum efficiency.

Different from other kinds of rotary tables, the roller cam rotary table contains a cam to help with the stability of the rotating motions. The rotation is controlled by the cam and a round plate designed like a gear that has several rollers with equidistance on the edge.

The cam which is recognized as extremely accurate can be placed in any driving location. By the application of the cam and rollers, adjusting back clearance and rotating on line with a CNC machine or a single-shaft controller for processing would not be difficult tasks to do. 

The rotation of the table would be stable so that it can be rotated to the required angles or even make spins without throwing the workpieces on the table out. When speaking to the rotary speed, the roller cam rotary table can rotate with both high and low speeds according to the demand of the users.

Besides being a loading table, the roller cam rotary table can be installed with machining tools and used as an extra axis of the CNC machine. Through this function, the machining progress would be optimized at some level.

The roller cam rotary table can be controlled by the data written in the computer program run by CNC systems. Thus, they can rotate quickly and bring the workpieces or manufacturing tools on it to the required positions almost immediately.

Features of Roller Cam Rotary Table

Consists with Rollers and an Input Camshaft
The roller cam rotary table is consistent with an input cam shaft with threads and a rotary plate with several rollers on its edges. While the roller cam rotary table is working, the camshaft and roller would be driven by each other and provide a more stable rolling ability.

High Rotary Speed
The rotary cam rotary table is designed with rolling contact that features high rotary speed. With this feature, it would be possible for the device to react in the shortest time.

Long Lifespan
The roller cam rotary table is designed with simple and strong structures, and durable metals. Those conditions above together provide this device a long lifespan that can be used for a long time and reduce the production cost in some level.

No Backlash
Since the accurate design, the engagement between the camshaft and the rollers are preloaded to fully eliminate backlash. This allows the set of driving systems to perform with their ultra-high precision feature.

Lower Energy Consumption
Since the kinetic energy would be transmitted by rolling contact, the energy consumption would be largely reduced during the progression of rotation. This would allow the roller cam rotary table to achieve a higher transmission efficiency.

Applications of Roller Cam Rotary Table

Usually, roller cam rotary tables are applied on CNC machines and are controlled by computer programs that can deal with accurate directions.

Below are common CNC machines that they would be installed in, included but not limited with:
● CNC Lathe
● CNC Milling Machine
● CNC Drilling Machine
● Saw Machine
● Grinding Machine
● Welding Machine

Roller cam rotary tables are useful and pretty welcomed in the factories since they can help to increase the manufacturing efficiency. Moreover, even if they are outside of the industrial factories, they are still being welcomed by other industries, for example, food processing industries, or even restaurants.

While processing foods, there would be many repeat tasks that can be done automatically. Inside these machines, the roller cam rotary tables would be installed for more accurate positioning ability. They might be used to hold cans, containers, or injectors that supply foods into the containers, etc.

Besides places similar to factories, the roller cam rotary tables can also be found in the kitchens in restaurants, especially in the restaurants providing sushi. 

In some restaurants, the ingredients would be required to add in the same quantity. When it is done by cooks, it might not be easy to do this. Therefore, some of the restaurants would use machines with cam rotary tables to do this task.

While working as a part of an automatic food providing machine, the ingredients, usually sauces or something liquid, would be held by the specific containers, and the containers would be put on the rotary table, and the ingredients which are required to add sauces would be put in the right position under the containers.

With the pre-written data that was sent to the control system of the roller cam rotary table, the sauces would be added to the ingredients accurately with equal quantity.

Examples of the usage for the roller cam rotary tables can be various, cases above are just for references.

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