Servo Rotary Table

Cut a circle

Let’s imagine there are a couple of metal sheets in front of you. And you are asked to cut out a few circles from these sheets. So what can you do to make this happen? One of the methods is to do this the old way, which is to take out saw and chisel to start carving. It could easily take your hours to just carving out one circle, and the circle is probably not precise. Fortunately, we can also carve out the circle in the modern way. The advance of technology has enabled the people to do things in a very precise and effortless way. In this case, an equipment called the servo rotary table can help us cut out the circle with great precision in a very short time.

Servo mechanism 

First, let’s start by discussing the concept of servo mechanism. In the field of the control engineering, servo mechanism is an automatic equipment which utilized the technique of error-sensing negative feedback to rectify the action of a mechanism. A built-in encoder or other position feedback mechanism are utilized on the displacement controlled applications. This way, it will help them to make sure the output is achieving the desired effect. Servo mechanism is a terms which only applied to the systems where the feedback or error-correction signals help control the speed, attitude, the position of the mechanism, or any other measurable variables.

Rotary table

When it comes to the process of metal working, precision is the key. A rotary table is a type of device which is capable of reaching such precision. The rotary table allows the operator to drill or cut the metal at the exact intervals around a fixed axis. In the process of indexing operations, some models of the rotary tables will utilize a device called the index plates to do the work. Another device called the dividing plates can also be used to enable regular work positioning at divisions. The rotary table can be use in several scenarios. For example, the rotary table can drill the holes at the same distance on a circular flange. It is also possible for the rotary table to cut a round piece with a protruding tang. If set up properly, it is also possible for the rotary table to cut some complex curves. The rotary table can also work well with the other equipment. For example, if we supplied the addition of a compound table on top of the rotary table, it will enable the user to move the center of rotation to anywhere on the part. This way, it makes it possible for the arc to cut at any place on the part. Rotary tables have so many potentials that it can be used in a lot of field. For example, in the industries such as aerospace, and automation, the rotary table can be used in the manufacture and the inspection process of important elements. 

Servo rotary table

Now that we know what are the servo mechanism and the rotary table, it is not hard to understand what is a servo rotary table. A servo rotary table is a type of rotary table which utilizes the technique of the servo mechanism. Just like the rotary table, the servo rotary table is also used in the metal working. The technique of servo mechanism which is utilized can be a servo motor. So what is a servo motor? A servomotor is a device which is also known as the rotary actuator or linear actuator. The main function of the servo motor is that it has the ability to control the angular or linear position, velocity and acceleration with great precision. The servo motor is made of a suitable motor. Within the system is also equipped with a sensor for position feedback. The controller which is the servo motor required is usually very sophisticated. 

Rotary table varieties

There are several types of rotary table people can find in the industry. Each of them comes with a specific design to help them perform the function required. The types like the CNC rotary table, direct drive rotary table, and torque motor rotary table are some types of the rotary table that people can find in the industry. 

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