Swivel Base

What is Swivel Base

Swivel base is one of the accessories for machine tools to use. It can be various in sizes which ranges widely from the little one fixed on the working tables to the large one that can provide heavy duty tools with mobility on the rotary plate.

Swivel base is usually designed like a round plate and is mainly used with the vise for the purpose of fixing the workpieces for machining. In other words, its main task can be recognized stable the workpieces.

With the cooperation with vises, the set of assisting tools would be a good help for machining progressions that would need to be accurately machined from different angles. 

Since the swivel base is usually designed as a round plate, some of the designs would attach a scale of each degree on the plate so that the operators can clearly see the degrees of rotation and can adjust the angle immediately once they find something wrong.

Swivel bases can be controlled by computer programs, which is the so-called CNC system, as well as other kinds of rotary assisting tools. With the help of the CNC system, the whole progression of checking and adjusting proper angles of the workpieces would be automatically complete that would not increase the cycle time and produce cost. Instead, this feature would be the help to save the production time and at the same time increase productivity.

Materials to make the swivel base are usually hard materials which can bear high weights and keep itself on the working table with stability. Moreover, the metal used to make the swivel base should be strong enough for a longer duration.

Moreover, since the time used to check and adjust the proper angles are saved, machining progressions with the help of this tool can be reduced. Once the time spending is reduced, the cycle time of the producing machine would also be reduced. Then, it would lead to the result that the productivity would be increased while the producing cost is decreased along with the reducing of the cycle time.

Features of Swivel Base

As an assist device, the swivel base should be valuable with different features that can help on productivity and smoothly pushing the machining progression forward. Then, it would lead to the result of time saving and cost reducing.

Below are features that swivel bases commonly contain with:

Friction Reducing
Friction reducing is an important point for any kinds of rotary tools since the rotary tools are designed for helping the machining progression going more smoothly.

In common situations, the swivel base itself contains the feature of reducing friction. Applying proper maintenance would enhance this important feature stronger.

The degrees for adjustment of the swivel base ranges from 0 degree to 360 degrees that can be rotated without blind angles. Moreover, the rotary is controlled by computer programs that it would hardly occur mistakes.

Under these conditions, the workpieces on the swivel base could be taken care with from any angle and can be well-machined more detailed.

Longer lifespan
Generally speaking, the swive bases are not considered as consumptive products that they should have enough lifespan for a longer using duration. Under the common usage, swive bases can be used for years if being correctly maintained and used.

Various in Sizes
As for one of the accessories that would need to cooperate with other tools, the swivel bases come in various of sizes to fit different sizes of tools. It can be ranged widely from the little one fixed on the working tables to the large one that can provide heavy duty tools with mobility on the rotary plate.

CNC Control System
The swivel bases can be controlled by CNC systems. Before starting the machining progression, the operators would write the data of rotating angles and timings for the progression. Therefore, during the progression, the swivel bases need to do is act according to the pre-written data.

Work with Swivel Base

In general situations, the swivel base would be required to bear the vises as partners to work with. The main task the swivel base does is to stabilize the required angle for machining, and the vises would be responsible for clamping the workpieces tightly while the progression is working.

With such perfect cooperation, the swivel bases are popular in the DIY and industrial fields for their features lead to high efficiency.

Before working, the required rotating angle would be pre-written into the computer program. Then, when the machining progression starts, the swivel base would be rotated according to the data of required angles and timing. 

During the whole progression, human operating is not required. Instead, the whole progression can be done with automation which can efficiently increase the production efficiency and at the same time reduce the producing cost.

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