Aluminium Sheet

What Is Aluminum?

Before diving into aluminium sheet, we will address the features of aluminum first. Aluminum is a kind of metal that can be seen commonly in our daily life. The color of it is silver. When it is ground, it would shine with metallic light. When it comes in its original color, it would be matt silver. On our planet, the quantity of aluminum in the crust is the biggest among all the other metals, about 8.3%. However, up to now, scientists have not found any species that must keep their body function with aluminum.

Features of aluminum are listed below:
● high malleability
● active
● low density (about 1/3 times to iron)
● high melting point (lost malleability in 300 Celsius degrees, and milt in 660.4 Celsius degrees)
● no magnetism
● hardly to be burned
● easy to cut and shape (welcomed by metal processing industries)

What Is Aluminium Sheet?

Because of the features of aluminum, it is suitable for use in various industries, especially in the form of plates or sheets. Aluminium Sheet, also known as aluminum sheet or aluminum sheet metal, is one of the forms of the metal aluminum. It is produced for industrial use.

The melting point of aluminum is high enough for shaping. When the aluminum passes through the tiny space between two rolls with pressure at a high temperature, it would become aluminium sheet. Then, right after the aluminum coming out from the pressure rolls, they would be put in coolants immediately to keep their shape right.

This kind of procedure creates metal plates, sheets, and foils, not only the aluminum, but all metals with malleability can be processed by this procession. Whether the product would be aluminium plate, sheet, or foil would depend on the width between the two rolls and the pressure added on the metals. Usually, the thickness between 0.008 inches to less than 0.25 inches is considered aluminum sheet. The one thinner than 0.008 inches are recognized foil, and the one thicker than 0.25 inches would be called a plate.

Why Use It?

Aluminum sheets and plates are very popular in the metalworking industries. Here is why:
● Recyclability: Aluminum sheet, plate and foil is recyclable. Moreover, their features and properties would not lose in the re-producing process. When producing the recycled aluminum sheet metal, the requirement of energy can be reduced by more than 90% comparing with producing primary aluminum.

● High performance: Aluminium sheets or plates in military use are strong enough to protect soldiers behind it. A standard aluminum plate armor can change the trajectory of .50-caliber round bullets while other kinds of metals might not. In ordinary use, they can be found on transportations or buildings that require enough strength.

● Light: Because of its low density, among other metals with strength, aluminum is lighter that can be easily installed or removed. Moreover, due to it contains enough strength, aluminum pates can keep the users safe in the meantime.

● Stronger in low temperature: Compared with other metals that might crash in low temperature, aluminum is stronger and more stable in low temperature. Therefore, they are usually used by aerospace industries to make body parts of spacecraft or planes.

What Are the Applications?

Aluminium sheet is the most common forms of sheet metal that are used in various industries: 

● Aerospace Industry: In the aerospace industry, the aluminum sheets or plates are used to be the skins of planes and spacecraft. As we know, the temperature can be extremely low high in the sky. Luckily, it fits one of the features of aluminum. Therefore, aluminum sheets are widely used in manufacturing aircraft that require working above the sky.

● Transportation: Since aluminum sheets and aluminum plates are strong enough, factories that manufacture transportation tend to use aluminum sheets or plates to produce the body parts.

● Food Packaging: Does it surprise you that aluminum can be used to manufacture containers that carry foods? Since aluminum itself is nonpoisonous, the aluminum sheets can be used to make cans, and the aluminum foil can be a raw material of Tetra Pak, a kind of drink package.

● Construction Industry: Same reason as they are used in aerospace industries, aluminum plates or sheets or aluminum sheet metals are welcome by construction industries. In the construction industries, aluminum plates or sheets are often used to make building facades.

● Military Armor: Aluminium sheets or plates in military use are strong enough to protect soldiers behind it. Usually, they are used to make fighters such as F-18 and F-35. Beside industry and military use, various forms of aluminum can be used in our ordinary life. That is, aluminium is not a stranger to us. In our ordinary life, we can see aluminum plates or sheets everywhere, for example, the grilles on our windows, gates, cans, or Tetra Pak, a kind of drink package made of aluminum foil.

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