Copper Sheet

What Is Copper?

Copper is a soft, malleable, and ductile metal with very high thermal and electrical conductivity. However, they do not contain magnetism that would not be attached by magnetics and electromagnetic. Therefore, they are usually used to be conductors of heat and electricity. One of the most common usages of copper is to be the constituent of metal alloys such as sterling silver used in jewelry, cupronickel used to make marine hardware and coins, and constantan used in strain gauges and thermocouples for temperature measurement.

Copper is the metal that can occur in nature in a directly usable metallic form, which calls natural metal. Speaking of the history of copper use, people started to use this natural metal approximately from 8000 B.C. And thousands of years later, people put tin and copper together and created bronze. Copper is now widely used in architectures, specially installed on roofs. The main reasons are two, one for beauty since the color of copper would be changed into green by time passing through. The other one is that copper contains the ability to become bacteriostatic agents, fungicides, and wood preservatives.

What Is Copper Sheet?

Copper sheets are members of metal sheets made by copper which is famous for its long lifespan, fine malleability, and stable durability. Because of their properties, copper sheets can be found in various applications. For example, the color of the copper is considered gorgeous that many artists like to make their artworks with copper sheets.

Copper contains the advantage of able to be hot or cold formed. While heating the cooper sheets, the fine malleability of copper would be shown and make the metal sheets easy to form. Therefore, copper sheets can be used in many manufacturing industries. In general, automobile manufacturers, electrical factories, construction industry, plumbing work, and automotive industries are all related industries that would use copper sheets to be a part of the progression.

Mostly, they are used to make electrodes because their conductivity is excellent and would not be influenced by magnetism and electromagnetic. Therefore, among the industry, copper sheets are considered the most ideal choice to make electrodes. In the past, sometimes aluminum would be used to make electrodes, but now most of them are made of copper. Speaking of conductivity, besides electricity, copper can be a good conductor for transfer heat. Thus, heat sinks, heat exchangers, electromagnets, vacuum tubes, cathode ray tubes, and magnetrons in microwave ovens are usually made of copper sheets.

C110 (OFE) Copper Sheets

Copper can be divided into different types according to purity. The purer the copper sheet is, the better the conducting capability would be. Among all the types, the C110 is the purest one which contains the most copper ions and less oxygen. C110 copper sheet metal is made of oxygen-free copper. It contains 99.99% copper and has many strict limits on impurities than other grades. Below are the related specifications of C110:
● C10100
● CW009A
● BS1433
● BS3839
● ASTM B187
● EN 13604
● NF A51-118-1
● Cu-OFE
● Cu-c2 (FR)

Copper Sheet Metal Fabrication

Some of the fabrication methods of copper sheet metal include metal forming, metal rolling, and metal stamping. Which fabrication option you choose often depends on the hardness of the metal and other variables. Fortunately, the features of copper and copper alloys make the fabrication of copper sheet metal fairly easy given that the right equipment is used. Some of the common projects that may involve the fabrication of copper sheets include welding, cutting, finishing, storage, etc. And how you go about choosing whether to use the hydraulic or mechanic method is attributed to several factors as well, such as the thickness of your copper, the shape you want, and budget constraint. 

What Are the Applications of Copper Sheets?

Attributing to their properties, copper sheets are widely used in various applications. In the art field, copper sheets are mostly used in sculpture and decoration. Since its malleability and the feature of forming in both hot and cold forming techniques, copper is an ideal working element for artists.

When it goes into the factories, copper sheet metal can also gather the spotlights on it. In the manufacturing industries, the important part is not only the products they make. The equipment helps them to make high quality products that are also valued. As a part of the manufacturing equipment or the products, copper sheets can be found on welding fixtures, anodes, ground straps, plumbing fitting, electrical components, power transmission components, spark plugs and terminals, electrodes, or heat exchanger components.

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