Engraving Spindles

The engraving spindle is a special function spindle designed and built for engraving machining or engraving machines. In simple terms, engraving is the process of cutting out grooves in a specific format on a hard surface (usually a flat surface). The cut-out groove may be a decorative pattern of the workpiece itself. It may also be a gravure printing plate of metallic material, ready to be used for printed images.
Engraving is an important method for creating patterns on metal or non-metal plates, maps, and other printed materials. Therefore, the engraving spindle design and corresponding specifications are different from other metal processing techniques.

Motor built-in engraving spindles

The common engraving machine spindle is a motor built-in spindle that can be processed at high speed. It is widely used in some small and medium-sized engraving machine equipment. It can be mainly used for high-speed engraving, drilling, milling, and drilling, or more extensive applications. CNC engraving machines are usually equipped with high-performance spindles to play their role.


Choose the right speed

The greater the hardness of the engraving material, the lower speed spindle should be used. Because materials with high hardness need to be worn down slowly, too fast speed may cause damage to the cutter. The greater the viscosity of engraving materials, such as soft metals or man-made materials, need to use a high-speed spindle.
The diameter of the cutter used in the engraving machine is also a very important factor in determining the speed of the spindle. The larger the diameter of the cutter, the lower the speed of the spindle should be used. In addition, the stable output power of the spindle motor is also a factor that must be considered before selecting a high-speed spindle.


Different kinds of spindles

Spindles can be classified according to their driven types or characteristics, and can also be classified according to their specific uses. Therefore, they have names such as dressing spindle, turning spindle, milling spindle, and grinding spindle. Here, this article will further discuss various spindle applications.


In the case of lathe machines

The turning spindle is one of the key rotating components on the lathe and is used to fix and move the workpiece. The driven type of turning spindle is usually belt-driven or motor built-in type.
Although the driven methods can be roughly divided into two types, the structural design of the spindle can be different according to the processing requirements. For example, the cartridge spindle is usually placed in fixed spindle housing, while the tilted spindle is designed to allow rotating in specific angles.


In comparisons of two similar models

Technically, the difference between turning spindles and lathe spindles is not clear. Early lathes used belt-driven spindles. This was because the spindle design was simple and there were not many options on the market. The belt-driven spindle is easy to maintain and has a low cost, especially for lathe processing products. Even though today’s turning and milling machine tool manufacturers now have more spindle options, belt-driven spindles are still very popular.
On the other hand, motor built-in spindles are also very popular in the field of complex lathes. For turning centers with power turrets and multi-spindle turning and milling centers, the built-in spindle has many unique advantages, such as small size, high speed, no tooth loss problems, and better stability.
The design of the spindle housing must also be considered when selecting the spindle. Compared with the belt-driven spindle housing, the housing design of the motor built-in spindle is much more complicated, because it must be able to adapt to various processing paths, and of course, the building cost is higher.



Many products manufactured today, in addition to the pursuit of functionality, must also have a delicate appearance. Therefore, the engraving technique has become more popular. The engraving was originally done manually in ancient times. It is usually used for specific occasions or objects, so it does not require mass production or is completed in a short time, but it is now different.
Therefore, engraving spindle and cutter becomes very important. Many spindle manufacturers have developed a series of engraving spindles to covers various engraving tasks. And these engraving spindles may also be combined with different metal processing such as turning, milling, boring, drilling, grinding, etc., to enhance the integrated performance of the machine.

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