Spindle Taper Wiper Guide

What is a spindle taper wiper?

A spindle taper wiper is a spindle cleaning device that is applied for cleaning and removing the residual lubricants out of the inner tapered part of the spindle or tool holder, which enables the spindle, tool holder, tools, as well as the entire machine that adopt this device to have optimal performance and prolongs the lifespan of them.

A spindle taper wiper, as the name implies, has a tapered tip that is designed to be perfectly fitted on the tapered opening of the spindle, so that any part of the inner spindle that may be contaminated with the lubricants can be reached and wiped out, and the purpose of using this device can thus be achieved.

Where there is a machine that allows the workpieces to be machined with the tools, the lubrication process is required. During the operation, as the tools come in contact with the workpieces in order to perform whatever kinds of cuts on them, friction and heat would be produced. 

The production of friction and heat is inevitable when two surfaces interact with each other, while actually, they do harm the components of the machine, and thus influence the performance of it and the quality of the products. Therefore, the manufacturers must seek ways to avoid anything that is mentioned above from happening.

The reduction or elimination of friction can rely on the adoption of the bearings around the moving parts, while the relieving of the heat should depend on the coolant as well as the lubricants. When it comes to lubricants, the most suitable candidate must be oil. As two parts are required to be attached to each other, properly applying some oil between them allows for the ease of installation and making protection of them when the assembly is in use.

However, there are two sides to the same coin, which means that although the lubricants protect the mechanism when the parts are attached together, they do bring harm to those parts if they are not well cleaned when the machine is not in use. The easiest way to remove the residual lubricants is to wipe them out with clean clothes, while this cannot ensure whether the mechanism is completely cleaned or not. 

Thus, in order to prevent the residual lubricants from contaminating the hard-to-reach parts in the mechanism, a spindle taper wiper would be a good choice to fulfill the purpose. With a spindle taper wiper, it is capable of reaching any part that may be invisible or hard to reach by the hand of the operator and getting rid of the hazards from the mechanism.

How does a spindle taper wiper form?

A spindle taper wiper is a handheld device that is easy to be held and applied to the opening of its targets. It may be made of non-woven fabric or wool, which means both materials are available, but the latter performs better in preventing static electricity when the spindle wiper is used. This device consists of two main parts, including the handle and the tapered tip.

● Handle
The handle is a shaft that extends from the tapered tip, which allows the operator to hold during the cleaning process.

 Tapered tip
The tapered tip is fabricated to accommodate the design of the tapered opening on the spindle or tool holder, so as to allow it to penetrate through every part on the inside of the target. 

The tapered tip consists of several cleaning strips that are attached to one another with equally distributed intervals, and these stripes make a core on the center. When the spindle taper wiper is used, the cleaning strips would maintain adhesion to the core, in order to prevent the strips from being left behind in the spindle when the device is removed.

What are the features of a spindle taper wiper?

Oil/ grease resistance
Since this device is applied for cleaning the residual lubricants from the spindle or the tool holder, it must be resistant to oil or grease, which are the common choices for the lubricants. In other words, although the spindle taper wiper contacts the oil or grease when it is used, it would not easily wear.

● Accurate sizing for the applications
For the effective cleaning of the spindle, whether the size of the wiper can be perfectly fitted for the spindle or not matters in the success or failure of this device. Therefore, these spindle wipers come in various sizes for the customers to choose the one that is the most suitable for the applications.

● Appropriate arrangement of the cleaning strips
On the tapered tip of the spindle wiper, the cleaning strips are arranged with equally distributed intervals, which make it convenient and efficient for removing larger residual particles from the spindle.

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