CNC Automatic Tool Changer

In the machine tool sector, an auto tool changer stands for automatic tool changer, which is one of the standard equipment in today’s machine tool accessories inventory that helps to change tools automatically on most milling machines and machine centers but also some other kind of machine tool models. With the ATC system and the automatic pallet changer, the milling procedure can be much more convenient compared with the former manual operation since the change time is largely and significantly shortened so that the process could be controlled by program and the management is much easier.

Generally speaking, an ATC system could be installed on not only a milling machine, but also machining centers and other machine tool models that require multitasking machining process. Though in the case of turning machines, power turret would be the first choice for such purposes, once the tools on the turret are not enough, then there must be some other means to assist the machining process.

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