Tool Storage System

The tool storage system is sometimes referred to as the tool organization system. A tool storage system usually comes in with the style of a tool box or a tool kit but it is in fact not quite the same as a conventional tool kit. The tool storage system or the organization system is different from a typical tool box because it helps the tool owners to organize their tools in a reasonable way and offers excellent protection to the tools. The tool storage system is required by mechanists or handcraft hobbyists to store the hand tools, handheld power tools or machining bits.

Tool Organization

Instead of having an open space to store the tools inside the box, there are usually spaces in particular shapes for particular tools in a tool organizer. The tool storage system is also called a tool organizer too. The spaces in the tool organizer are typically divided by Styrofoam or smaller drawers inside the box. The spaces allow the tool owners to sort the tools by the size and type and therefore the tool owners can pick the right tools efficiently.

Tool Protection

Despite the divided spaces for tool storage, a tool storage system, or the tool organizer, has more features that make it stands out from a typical tool kit. It is made not only for tool storage and organization but also for tool protection. With a regular tool box, the tools are all stacked up without properly placed and spaced. It is normal that the tools inside the box move and clash with each other. The tools can damage as a result. With a tool organizer, the tools can be protected and are less easy to be damaged.

Impact Resistance

There are several features a tool storage system have that help protect the hand tools inside the box and the impact resistance is one of them. The impact resistance of a tool organizer is achieved by the material and construction of the box. A tool organizer is mostly made of petroleum-based materials with special fibers that can absorb impacts. The constructional strength and the foams inside the box also make sure that the impacts can be minimized so that the tools can be best protected.

Stacking System

The stacking system of a tool organizer not only helps organize the tools but also reduce chance of tool damage. Inside a tool storage system, the tools are stored in multiple layers of drawers with the foams or fillings that separate each piece of tools. Because the tools are held in place properly in certain distances from other pieces, they are not going to clash with each while the box is being carried or transported. It is fair to say that the stacking system is the core of an impeccable tool storage system.

Locking System

The locking system is also important to a tool organizer. When a good locking system is applied, the safety of both the tools and the tool owner can be guaranteed. It is a frequently occurred scenario when a tool kit is accidentally dropped out of the arms of the tool owner, it falls on the ground and the box breaks open with the tools spread around the floor. It is dangerous when the tools are not secured in the box because they often have sharp edges and people can get hurt under such circumstance. A good locking system prevents such accident from taking place.

Side Handle & Wheels

In addition to the safety and protection a tool storage system can offer, the convenience it can provide is also valuable to the tool owners. The convenience not only comes from the organization of the tools but also from the accessories that help the tool owners to move the tool organizer. Since a tool storage system is often larger in size, it can be hassling for the tool owners to carry the box. To improve the ease of transportation, there are options such as side handle or wheels to save the effort. With the handle and wheels, the tool owners can pull the organizer without any trouble.

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