Cargo Spider Net

What Is Cargo Spider Net?

Cargo spider net is commonly referred to as the cargo net. The cargo spider net is used to secure and hold the cargo on a truck or a vehicle in position. The cargo net is usually a round, square or rectangle web that is consists of thick ropes or elastic straps. There are hooks around the perimeter of the webs so that the cargo net can be fixed at the trunk of a vehicle or with a pallet. Depending on the type of the cargo spider net, the fixation can be hooks, adhesive straps, ropes or any sort of binders. The cargo spider net is used the most in transportation industry while there is also the at home use web net which is used when the family is taking a trip or moving.

Advantages of Cargo Spider Net

A cargo spider net is a crucial piece of equipment when it comes to securing or protecting items while transporting them. It is considered a must have for not only the transportation industry but also for individuals who has the need to frequently transport a certain amount of equipment or items from place to place. The use of a cargo net is rather simple and helpful. It can effectively reduce the risks of items moving or falling during the transportation, and there are more benefits to it.

Ease of Use

To begin with, thanks to the simplicity of this piece of equipment, a cargo spider net is very easy to setup, install and remove. Since it does not really take much time to cover the items and get fixed, the use of a cargo net is efficient in almost any condition. Everyone is able to get an instinctive idea of how to use it. This is probably the primary reason why it is widely accepted in many walks of life when it comes to transporting items.


The versatility of a cargo web net comes from the wide range of size and configuration of it. A piece of cargo net can be rectangular, square, round or sometimes hexagonal or octagonal to fit the actual application. Besides the configuration, the size of the cargo net matters too. The size of the cargo net should be selected based on the place the loads are going to be secured.

A cargo net can be small enough to fit into the trunk bed of a private car; it can be big enough to meet the large scale transportation need such as the cargo hold of an airplane or a vessel. On top of that, it is possible to have a customized cargo net that is made specifically to fit the specification of the vehicle.

Security of the Cargo

Based on the type of ropes or straps that make up a cargo net, a piece of cargo net can have an excellent structural strength to secure the items to be shipped. It is best applicable when the cargo to be transported comes in with a large quantity because the net can hold the cargo in place all at once. In addition, a cargo spider net is transparent. People can easily get a visual contact with the cargos and check the condition of them anytime during the transportation. This way, the security of the cargo is guaranteed.

Reliability of the Cargo Net

The cargo net is made from flexible materials. Therefore, the net can be adjusted to best work with the items. It can be tight and firm enough to hold the load in place without damaging the items. The elasticity of the web also takes partial responsibility of withstanding and handling the potential vibration or impact during the transportation. As a result, the cargo can be protected and there is genuinely less of a need to worry about the condition of the cargos.

The Selection of a Cargo Spider Net

The first consideration of choosing a piece of cargo net is probably the amount of item that the net is going to handle. With more items, the cargo net should be larger; with fewer items, smaller cargo net. The size matters because we do not want the net to be too loose or too tight. If it is too loose, the items can move during the trip and some of them may be damaged. If the net too tight, it may break apart during a long trip. Therefore, a cargo net should be chosen according to the quantity of the load.

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