Tie Down Straps

What Are Tie Down Straps?

Tie down straps are fasteners that used to tie down cargos for security purpose. The length of them can range from 6 to 40 feet and the working capacity is from 90 to 6800 kilograms.

Therefore, tie down straps are recognized a kind of vehicle and marine transportation accessories and mainly used in transportation related industries.

Also, they are multifunctional that can be used in almost every kinds of industries such factories, markets, or in military use, even in families.

Usually, there would be tie down hardware like buckles or ratchets on a tie down straps. The tie down hardware would strengthen the power of tie down straps and help them to stabilize the cargos.

Types of Tie Down Straps

Below are types of tie down straps:

● Lashing Straps

Working load: 100 lb / 45 kg
Break Strength: 200 lb / 90 kg
Level: light-loaded

Lasing straps are easy to use. The tie down hardware on lashing straps are gator clips. To adjust the tightness, you just need to press on the clip and adjust the length of straps. When it meets the proper tightness, just let off your fingers and the gator clips would stabilize the straps tightly.

Comparing with the other two, lashing strap is the one which is easiest to use. However, the working load of a lashing strap is only 100 pounds (approximately 45 kilogram) and might be broken in 200 pounds (approximately 90 kilogram).

Therefore, they are suggested use in small loads such as game carts and other light cargos.

● Cam Buckle Straps

Working load: 500 lb / 225 kg
Break Strength: 1500 lb / 680
Level: medium-sized loads

Cam buckle straps are designed for medium-sized loads. Usually, cam buckle straps come in two straps in a set. One with a hook in the end, the other with one cam buckle on one side and one hook on the other.

When using the cam buckle straps, you have to connect the two straps together, then adjust the tightness with the cam buckle. The came buckle is like a gator clips, but more powerful.

Compare with the other two, cam buckle straps are powerful than lashing straps while they are all easy to use. However, when it comes to the loading ability and break strength, the cam buckle straps are not as strong as ratchet tie down straps.

Therefore, they are usually used to carry cargos in medium weights, such as bicycles and ATVs, a kind of 4x4 off-road vehicles.

● Ratchet Tie Down Straps

Working load: 5000 lb / 2267 kg
Break Strength: 15000 lb / 6800 kg
Level: large-sized loads, heavy duty

Ratchet tie down straps are the most popular tie down straps that are widely manufactured and used. They are designed for high loading use.

The tie down hardware on a ratchet tie down straps are ratchet buckles. The buckle is a kind of powerful fastener that provides huge grip to keep the straps on the right place.

Because of their excellent loading capacity, ratchet tie down straps are mostly used during the transportation of big things like the pianos (in packing boxes), cars, or cargos with heavy weights.

There are steps about how to use a ratchet tie down strap:

1. Open the handle on the ratchet buckle.
2. Access the axle assemble.
3. Lead the free end of the strap from underneath the ratchet, through the axle slot, and out the same way it entered.
4. Place the hook attached to the ratchet into position.
5. Tighten the straps manually.
6. Tighten the straps to reduce the rest spaces between the straps and the cargo with the rachet buckle.
7. Close the handle of the buckle to stabilize the straps.

When releasing the ratchet tie down strap, the handle of the buckle would be opened. Then, press the release handle and pull out the straps, and then the cargo would be untied.

Why Use Tie Down Straps?

In some industries, it is unavoidable to transport or store lots of cargos or materials. However, if we just let them put there without security measures, it would be dangerous that might hurt the cargo or even the people.

Although the tie down straps are divided from light-loaded to heavy-loaded, even the lashing straps, the lightest and simplest one, can keep 45 to 90 kilograms, no need to say the ratchet tie down straps, 6800 kilograms is really surprising.

Therefore, for the security purpose, the tie down straps are necessary to use. They would help stabilizing the cargos while transporting, or keep the stored objects still.

Who Would Use Tie Down Straps?

Transportation related industries
◎ Airlift
◎ Marine
◎ Trucks and heavy duty

● Family use
Ordinary use
◎ 4x4 pick up
◎ Automobile transportation

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